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Body Image Presentation

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Nancy Lam

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Body Image Presentation

Body Image QUICK FACTS Dove Campaign for Real Beauty 11 million US citizens have an ED
90-95% of them are women Mission:
"Make more women feel beautiful every day by widening stereotypical views of beauty." HSP 3M How Society is Responding to the Problem Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
Positive body image photos on sites like Tumblr
Treatment for Eating Disorders
Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Center How they plan to do this:
make their ads free of beauty stereotypes
contain confidence-building messages
use real women (no professional models)
women in their ads are a wide range of shapes, sizes and ages Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Dove Campaign for Real Beauty launched in September of 2004
initially started out in the United Kingdom, but has since gone worldwide
these are some photos taken for the campaign
they challenge beauty stereotypes these photos were not touched up at all or edited in any way
women featured wore no make up
when these ads were first released, nothing else was out there like this in the media Another Phase in the Campaign 2006 marked the release of the famous short film Evolution
features a regular women and shows how she can be turned into a model
promotes awareness about the creation of unrealistic perceptions of beauty Sub-branch: Dove Self-Esteem Fund focuses on building a strong self-esteem in today's youth
offer self-esteem workshops for both girls and boys aged 11-14
provide information online for parents
hundreds of activity ideas online to help build healthier body image Ex. Truth:
• Tell three things you like about yourself
• Tell us what your dream job would be
• Give a true compliment to each girl here
• If a genie gave you one wish what
would it be?
• What qualities make a good friend?
• Who is your greatest hero?
• What makes a good role-model? Dares: I dare you to
• Do a crazy dance for two full minutes
• Make up a speech after being given
an award
• Crawl around like a crab
• Pretend you are taking a fabulous
shower – and singing!
• Tell us what you are most proud of
• Sing your favorite song–like an opera singer Positive Body Image Photos from Tumblr CURRENT STATE OF THE PROBLEM over 260 000 women ages 15-24 have been diagnosed with an ED in Canada 70 million women across the world suffer from an ED What is an ED? they are serious emotional and physical issues that can have severe consequences on the human body women What happens when you have an ED? extreme concern for body shape and weight ANOREXIA NERVOSA self-starvation, excessive weight loss BULIMIA NERVOSA a cycle of binge eating followed
by purging BINGE EATING DISORDER compulsive over-eating; uncontrolled and impulsive Did you know? society's views on an 'ideal' body has been getting smaller and smaller each year an avg model 20 yrs ago weighed less than an avg woman's weight by 8% now, the avg model is 23% less than an average woman's weight The first sighting of ED symptoms manifest from a negative body image How do they affect the body? deficiencies in magnesium and calcium levels
malnutrition and dehydration
low blood pressure and heart rate can cause osteoporosis
cardiac arrest or heart failure
damaged bowels
mental illnesses dissatisfaction children and body image a 2004 study found that 81% of girls aged 10 y/o are afraid of being fat
51% of 9-10 y/o girls said the feel better when dieting when a group of preschoolers were given dolls that were identical aside from their weight, 9/10 times, they chose the thinner looking doll. the British Eating Disorder Society found that girls ranging from 8-10 y/o have rising cases of anorexia media & body image Treatment for Eating Disorders May not realize and admit they are sick
Early diagnosis and immediate treatment are vital to recovery
Oftentimes requires immediate hospitalization
1.Weight restoration (often takes place in an inpatient hospital)
2.Treatment for any accompanying psychological disturbances or disorders
3.Achieving and maintaining long-term remission and or recovery Anorexia treatment usually follows these three steps:  Medications used to help treat underlying depression and or anxiety
 Families must be involved in the therapeutic recovery process for best results Hopewell is an Ottawa based eating disorder support center. Offer:
toll free helpline
Mentoring programs
workshops for people of all ages
an informative online resource library Also offer:
private therapists
individual and group counseling
access to social workers
patients work with a registered dietitian These are some of the many things that go into the treatment of an eating disorder. Important Note: Every eating disorder is treated differently depending on the individual. If society does not continue responding to the problem: low self-esteem will continue to rise in today's youth
more youth will develop eating disorders
without treatment centers and support groups more of these eating disorders will be fatal Connections to HSP 3M Dove Campaign for Real Beauty conveys messages in the media
links to our learning unit
also links to when we wrote reports on how different types of media affect our society
people (and youth especially) see positive messages being conveyed by Dove Dove Self-Esteem Fund also helps people learn
how to have a positive body image and higher self-esteem through ads, workshops, information pamphlets and activities positive body image media on Tumblr
treatment for eating disorders Conclusion The History and
origin of Body image In the very beginning men and women wished to look muscular and big to look like they could feed and take care of themselves But in the 1920's women instead of heavyset being seen as a strength of the ability to supply themselves,it was seen as a weakness of self- indulgence. Then after the 1920's the struggle to have the perfect body became harder and harder each year. barbie(6 times bigger)
would be 3 inches taller, would be 2 inches bigger in the bust,8 inches smaller in the waist and 24 inches smaller in the hips than the 1920's miss Venus. Marilyn Monroe of the 1950's
would be considered overweight it today's standards What causes this problem? Nurture? if a child is raised with dolls such as barbie then wouldn't there idea of the perfect body image come from there experinces with playing with their perfect barbie doll? according to a study done by Helga Dittmar Suzanne Ive and Emma Halliwell at the university of Essex The Barbie doll does have a effect on young and older girls self-esteem Also a child is bombarded by 55 commercials each day. Most of them are skinny happy people selling a companies product can be from dieting plans to cereal. Wouldn't this also effect someones self esteem as well? An Emme doll was created to be a better more realistic doll than the known barbie.
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