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A Level - Akram Khan

No description

Hannah Martin

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of A Level - Akram Khan

Zero Degrees
Akram Khan

A Level Dance
15th October 2013

Identify the themes of Zero Degrees.

Make meaningful connections between the themes of the piece and the starting points and how it was made.

Provide specific examples of how the themes of the piece are communicated to the audience.
Learning Objectives
What are the correct key themes of Zero Degrees (2005)? Read all four options, make your choice and stand in the correct corner of the room!
Starter Activity
Watch Section 1 of Zero Degrees again
Watch Section 2 of Zero Degrees
Identify examples of:
Khan's movement style
Cherkaoui's movement style
Aural setting
Physical setting
Watch the first part of the interview with Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

Take notes on:

What they describe as the themes embedded in Zero Degrees (2005).
What were the starting points for Zero Degrees?
How did this feed into the making of the piece?
DVD interview
'Water becomes ice'
One thing becomes another
Body you think is sleeping is dead
Akram becomes Sidi Larbi and Sidi Larbi becomes Akram
When the territory of one goes over another
Point of transformation
'The In between space between'
Visual Arts
Where one ends and the other begins
Life and Death
Starting point
Kept in touch until it was a good time for them to work together.
This took about 3 years!
Khan and Cherkaoui spent time exploring ideas
'Courting with each others ideas'
Khan told his story
Making of Zero Degrees
Cherkaoui filmed him talking (4 hours!)
Getting to know each other
Cherkaoui likes to work like this
Khan's story but Cherkaoui's way of working - synchronization
Influenced by Kathak
Shared language of gestures
Exchange of movement language
There is movement within the text
See the movement and the rhythm of the text in the movement
Naturally when we talk we use gestures
They all mean something beyond the words
We are all dancing and communicating all the time
Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui - likes to choreograph body language
Links to Kathak
Larbi describes this use of text as real. He feels that theatre texts can be too clean (No ifs, buts and umms!) They don't help him perceive the truth. He likes to film someone talking and keep the real person in the choreography.
Complete the following essay question:
'Analyse the way Khan and Cherkaoui use movement components to explore the themes in Zero Degrees.'
Due: Tuesday 22nd October 2013
Identify examples of:
Khan's movement style
Cherkaoui's movement style
Aural setting
Physical setting
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