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Stock Portfolio Project

No description

Sachi Thakar

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Stock Portfolio Project

Stock Portfolio Project
By: Sachi & Jamelia
Sectors We Invested in
Stocks Invested in
Stock sectors
Basic Materials
Why Energy?
We choose to invest in the energy sector because, we had a feeling we would gain lots of profit from this sector. Energy is something we need in order to function in our daily lives. We thought since we use energy everyday, and we are so dependent on it, a lot of people would invest into our shares.
Why Technology?
We chose to invest in the technology sector because everything we do, we rely on technology to reduce the human made effort we put into it, so since everyone is looking for convenience we thought it would make high amounts of profit for us.
Why Basic Materials?
We choose to invest in Basic Materials because we were interested into knowing the outcomes of the stocks in that sector, and to experiences its scopes.
Why we Invested in these stocks?
We needed one major stock with a high income.
We needed to invest into at least one penny stock, to play around with so we would be able to invest exactly $10,000 into our stocks.

We invested in this company because it had a high income, and each stock was selling for a high amount of money. The sales history were also very beneficial when we researched the stock.
We choose invest in this stock because they were making good profit, with high income.
How are they doing?
This stock has only been going up over the past 10 weeks, and didn't face loss.
The stock dropped during the first two weeks, but then constantly went up with the next 6 weeks but ended up going back down towards the last two weeks out of the 10 weeks.
This stock dropped a multiple times over the 10 weeks, and impacted our profit heavily. However it regained itself over the last 5 weeks, and increased incredibly.
This stock dropped a couple of times over the 10 weeks, but not severely. We were not faced with a huge loss, however it was steadily rising up towards the ending of the 10 weeks.
Why we didn't change our investments?
We chose not to change our investments during the 5th week of the project is because during that week our stocks were rising up, and we still believed to earn profit from the stocks.
Total Value after 10 weeks
Total Investment
Total Investment in
Suncor Energy
Total Investment in
Sandvine Corporation
Total Investment in
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.
Total Investment in Imperial Oil Limited
Best Investment, only stock that we gained profit from.
Worst Investment, we lost the most amount of money.
What we learned:

How easy it is to invest, but in contrast how easily you can lose a large amount of money in a small amount of time
We learned that before we invest we should fully research the stock's history, and that investing wisely is key and being impatient doesn't work
Decision making skills
How the stock markets work
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