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The Benefit Corner 2.0 [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of The Benefit Corner 2.0 [Shared]

Thank you for taking the time to Explore The Benefit Corner opportunity!
Request for Consideration
This is not an offer to sell a franchise! A franchise offering can only be made by us after we have provided you with a franchise disclosure document, {FDD}.
After we receive the request for consideration, {RFC}, The Benefit Corner will provide you with the following documentation and time to review.
Non-Disclosure Agreement
A 14-day free look
The actual franchise offering will be sent to you after these documents have been provided and time has passed. We will then provide you with a Franchise Agreement. The Franchise Agreement will be your “offer” to buy a franchise.
How did we begin?
The Benefit Corner was founded July 17th, 2014 by two guys who wanted change. Jay Hill and Brandon Adams have worked in the insurance industry for a combined 55 years and were looking for a better way to buy and sell insurance. They especially wanted to change the way new insurance agents were being recruited.
So, they decided to give up the management positions they held at the time and begin to re-define the insurance agency model.
With a small team of dedicated believers, their company began to take shape. Olivia Hampton, Jan Bush & Chris Graves all gave up their jobs and joined the adventure.
In the fall of 2014 they met Scott Curtis, an Area Developer for Liberty Tax. At that moment, little did they all know, their vision was about to be realized!
Our Vision
Our Vision is to Re-Define the insurance industry and challenge the status quo!
Why did we want
to see a change?

Industry-wide we are seeing…
Lack of training
No sales experience or industry knowledge by Management
No support
Agents are not making money
Only 5% of Agents make it in the Insurance Industry their first 24 months.
*LIMRA {Life Insurance Management Research Association}
The turnover rate is alarming, but the status quo remains:

RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT! Throw them against the wall to see who sticks!
Why a Franchise?
We believe Agencies and Agents need better infrastructure, training, industry knowledge and support

The definition of a
is a right granted to an individual or group to market a company's goods or services within a certain territory or location.
You get your own territory!
Our Territory Structure
The Franchisee has purchased the rights from TBC to market and sell insurance within this territory.
A Territory is a group of zip codes within an area that is managed and owned by a Franchisee.
The Franchisee receives 80% of ALL revenue generated by the Franchise business in their territory. This revenue is defined as any commissions, overrides or bonuses TBC receives that was generated by their office, their agents or TBC Corporate leads or sales.
Why should I Join TBC if I already have my own agency?
We have 138 locations and growing! Our goal is to have 300 locations by the end of 2016.
This gives us Buying Power with
More Carriers/Insurance Companies

Marketing Materials
Own your own Territory
National Marketing Programs to drive leads to your store
Being a part of a Successful Team helps everyone.
{We can provide you with a list of these carriers and their commissions}
Why TBC?
TBC Structure
Here’s what TBC franchisees are saying!
“I worked with Unified Partners last enrollment and changed over to The Benefit Corner for this enrollment and I can tell you it was the best decision I could have made. The support, training and knowledge the TBC team gives you is unmatched! I more than doubled my enrollment revenue.”
Dennis Pryor-Liberty Franchisee, Texas
“TBC is the best insurance organization to work with hands down! I can call and speak to a person {not a voicemail}, I can visit their office, they have a great support structure, they are fun to work with and they have a great vision!”
Chris Landis-Liberty Franchisee/Liberty Area Developer-Atlanta
License Assistance
Getting your insurance licenses and keeping current with what is needed is overwhelming.
We direct you and provide assistance for ALL forms of insurance licenses within your state and other states if needed.
Insurance Carrier Appointments
TBC is appointed with a variety of carriers within your state that we can offer to you.
We will appoint you and your agent team with our carriers.
You have one point of contact for all of your license and appointment needs.
Due to our agent distribution, the carriers offer us top level commissions.
You will be able to view all of your commission statements through our E-Agent center.
We believe this is one of our highest principles.
The commissions you see are the commissions you get!
There are NO hidden overrides or bonuses.
All revenues from our Franchisees are posted on your statements.
Types of Insurance
TBC is a license entity for:
Life and Health
Senior Market/ Medicare supplements
Property, and casualties (home, auto, and commercial).
In each of these categories, we have over 50 years of combined experience.
Marketing Material
We help you customize your own marketing kit for each store you open.
This kit includes a variety of items that you pick out to fit your store or city ordinances.
We have our own shopping cart to purchase marketing and incentive items as well as print material.
Yes, We will give you the logo, print material and approved graphics if you have a preferred local printing company
TBC will always be on the cutting edge of technology. You receive…
A website for each location
TBC email for you and all of your agents
An agency dashboard to view all of your contracts, documents, resources and reports
Enrollment platforms


This is the latest and greatest mobile technology on the market! Our technology partner owns the license to **TBC. We can use it for almost any type of marketing and communication you can think of! From a lead generation tool to a highly effective customer service application, **TBC creates the Ultimate Customer Experience!
Some of these features include…
Getting individuals to opt-in to receive communication
Geo Fencing – When an opt-in client drives by any TBC store they get a text that can say anything we want. “Stop in and get an Auto quote” “Do you have Life insurance, stop in your local TBC office and get a quote”.
Define different experiences based on the caller’s device type, location, mobile carrier, or the time of day.
Customize the experience for first time versus repeat callers.
It’s easy for consumers to reach call centers. Calls are routed based on the callers’ locations, and callers can receive an SMS message directing them to more information on a mobile app or website.
**TBC can be used for sweepstakes, audience polls, and contests to incentivize action and drive brand engagement.
TBC University
TBC University combines several training methods to reach all student learning abilities.

On-Line Training Modules * Instructor Led Training class
On-sight/Hands on * Carrier Led Training * Webinars
Weekly Conference Calls * One on One help
We use online programs to review various types of insurance and the operation of owning an agency. In this training you will find…
On-Line Training

The most important reason why you want to join TBC…


We focus on you, so you can focus on your client!
Join us!
We look forward to your success.

Call us at our National Office- 855.785.2515
Go to- ExploreTBC.com
Visit -TheBenefitCorner.com
Call **TBC

Thank you!
Thank you
State and Federal certifications
Commission Statements
Recruiting Agents
Marketing & Sales
These modules average from 2-7 minutes each.
This gives students a better chance to retain information and complete each module 100%.
A short burst of information followed by a short quiz ensures everyone understands the given training.
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