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MYP: The Next Chapter

Unit Planning

Mary Hunter

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of MYP: The Next Chapter

MYP: The Next Chapter
Unit Planner
Global Contexts

MYP: Programme Model

Effective September 2014

*1-2 Words or Short Phrase

Global Context Activity
1. Create groups
2. Identify a Global Context
3. Groups create a visual/symbol (no text!) illustrating the IB Learner Profile connecting it with their Global Context

MYP: Next Chapter
Unit Planner Template
Unit Planning
*Process is not linear - you will move in and out
*Start with topic
*Brainstorm Key Concepts
*Identify Key Concepts (1-2 usually)
*Identify Related Concepts (may be embedded in discipline)
Sir Ken Robinson
4. Gallery Walk - use post-it to identify/label Global Context of each visual/symbol illustrated
5. Groups share
Key Concepts:
*Big Ideas which form the basis of teaching and learning in the MYP

*Engage students in higher order thinking, helping them to connect facts and topics with more complex conceptual understanding

*Provide a focus for transferring knowledge and understanding across disciplines and subject groups

*Powerful abstract ideas that have many dimensions and definitions

*Have important interconnections and overlapping concerns

* use key concepts from your own discipline(s) or subject group(s)—as well as key concepts from other disciplines and subject groups—to plan disciplinary and interdisciplinary units of inquiry.
Related Concepts
* Promote deep learning
* Grounded in specific disciplines and are useful for exploring key concepts in greater detail
* Inquiry into related concepts helps students develop more complex and sophisticated conceptual understanding
* May arise from the subject matter of a unit or the craft of a subject—its features and processes.
*2-3 Usually
Subject guides will contain definitions for related concepts as well as examples of how they are used to develop MYP units
Global interaction
Time, place and space
Concept Statement
Students will understand...

Example: Voice can be manipulated to
establish bias.

Global Context

Content Statement

Why did you choose the Global Context?
Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!
Statement of Inquiry
What are you inquiring
into in this unit?
Inquiry Questions
*Replaces unit question
*Go back to the concepts to write the questions
3, 2, 1
3 - ideas/items you agree with

2 - ideas/items you wonder about or find challenging

1 - idea/item you take away with you that needs to be changed
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