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horror movies

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Transcript of horror movies

horror movies
We will talk about horror movies
The horror film is a film that is characterized by its focus on cause in the spectator feelings to cause fear , disgust , discomfort or concern.
Especially let's talk about the movie file Warren Expedient.The argument is based on a real case publicized.
Roger and Carolyn Perron bought their dream home in the winter months of 1970. What they did not know is that this house would be full of real nightmares. Like many people, they were very happy to be living in a house full of history and were eager to raise their five daughters in such an idyllic place . But the reality is that the house was full of agony and death . Two former residents of the house themselves in a barn beams hanged themselves . However , once the Perron family began to live in the house , situations beyond understandable began to happen .
Official trailer of the movie
Vera farmiga
Vera Farmiga Ann (Clifton , New Jersey, on August 6, 1973 ) is an actress, producer, director and dancer .
Patrick Joseph Wilson (Norfolk , Virginia , July 3, 1973 ) is an actor and singer estadounidense.2 Since 1996 has participated in several musicals and has starred in several plays in the circuit Broadway.1 3 In 2003 he worked in series Angels in America TV
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