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The Wanderer Archetype

No description

Casey Uhlmeyer

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of The Wanderer Archetype

The Wanderer Archetype
Let's Get To Know The Wanderer!
At the End of the Journey...
The Wanderer becomes balanced with the other Archetypes.
What is an Archetype?
Universal characters that are in the unconscience mind.
The Six Main Archetypes
The Orphan
The Wanderer
The Warrior
The Altruist
The Innocent
The Magician
Now that you all are all enlightened...
(Cause we totally haven't been learning about this the past week...)
In our book, the Wanderer us described as "the hero [who] rides out to face the unknown" (Pearson).
This is something inside all of us.
Our ancestors originally came from Africa, where they were living with everything they needed to survive. But, despite that, they traveled into the unknown, where areas weren't as hospitable. Why?
Because their Wanderer side kicked in!
When is the Wanderer Most Dominant?
The Wander's journey typically goes like this...
They start in some form of captivity.
They decide to leave.
Examples: The meaning of life, their true selves, to discover the world, to meet new people, to follow their interests, etc...
At the end of their journey, they find who they are, where they belong, and how they can contribute.
The Gifts
Expanded Possibilities
The Burdens
Inability to commit
Chronic Disappointment
But at Our Best...
We are independent and avoid conformity in our search for our true identity/struggle to fulfill our true potential.
Sounds familiar?
But there are things to know about your inner Wanderer...
If the Wanderer inside you is acting out, here are a few things to remember...
Keep in touch with those you value
Take pleasure in the moment
Find joy in the journey
You are still an individual
Balance virtues of the Wanderer with the Altruist
In Conclusion...
The Wanderer is identified by...
Their hatred of being restrained, trapped, grounded, etc...
Instinct to seek out fulfillment in their life
A want to travel and see the world as it is
Their ambition and independence
Lack of commitment and common loneliness
A need to stand out
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