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Copy of Antony Gormley

No description

Laura Jöchle

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley
Dewsbury Moor
Trinity College, Cambridge
Untitled, 1986,London
Sound II, 1986, Winchester
Out of the Dark, 1987-1988, Kassel
Iron: Man, 1993, Birmingham
Havmann, 1994, Ranafjord (Norwegen)

Critical Mass, 1995, Bregenz
Another Place, 1997, Crosby Beach
Allotment II, 1996, Malmö
Angel of the North, 1994-1998, Gateshead
Quantum Cloud, 1999, Greenwich
Filter, 2002, Manchester
Waste Man, 2006, Margate
Time Horizon, 2006, Catanzaro
One & Other, 2009, Trafalgar Square London
Event Horizon, 2007-2010, London/Manhattan/New York/Borås
Sum 2012, 2012, San Gimignano
Vessel 2012, 2012, San Gimignano
Horizon Field Hamburg, 2012, Hamburg
Blickachsen 9, 2013, Bad Homburg
Crouching Figure, 2010, East Lothian
Horizon Fields, Bregenzer Wald, 2010-2012
"I want to start where language ends."
Einer der traurigsten Aspekte unserer kulturellen Erfahrung ist für mich, dass wir von der Kunst erwarten, dass sie in Museen lebt. Es ist eine Art Abhängigkeit wie bei einem Körper im Krankenhaus. "
-Antony Gormley
"I feel somewhat uncomfortable describing my work because I want it to be free to be experienced freely. At the same time it is important that it comes from somewhere very concrete: the living moment of a living body experiencing its own existence. "
- Antony Gormley
Asian Field, 2003, Australien
Arbeitsblatt "Feldversuche mit Figuren", Manuel Irritier

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