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How do you describe yourself as a teacher in terms of digita

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Mayra Gonzalez

on 14 March 2018

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Transcript of How do you describe yourself as a teacher in terms of digita

Technology's role in my personal life
As a mom, wife and daughter in the 21st century, it is hard not to be part of technology. I mention this because, when it comes to being a working mom, I want to know if my child is being taken care of properly. For example, I placed him in a daycare where there are cameras in my child's classroom that i can access at any time to be be able to see if my child is being treated correctly. This amazing technology has made my life easy and hard. Easy because it brings me a peace of mind knowing that my child is being treated correctly or if there are any issues, I can quickly address them with the teacher. This is specifically important for me because my child is not speaking well yet. It is hard because i'm constantly eager to see what he is doing. However, there are more pros than cons about this specific technology in my life.
As a wife and a daughter or even a sister, technology such as texting helps me keep in communication with my family. Unfortunately, I have limited time to spend valuable time with my family members during the day. A simple meme can keep my family and I in communication throughout the week. A meme goes a long way when communicating with your family and technology allows this amazing type of communication to happen. Or another source that helps me to keep in touch with my loved ones is Facebook and Instagram. I can tag them in a meme and cheer them up during their busy day as well. As mentioned in The essential elements of digital literacies, Dr. Doug Belshaw mentions how technology has evolved so much that we can simply turn a picture of anything into a funny quote.

Technology's Importance In My Routine
As many of other individuals in this country, I am really attached to carrying my phone everywhere I go. There are three reasons as to why this is:
1. My work calendar and personal calendar
2. Phone numbers for work (supervisors, teachers)
3. Ring application
Teaching and Digital Literacy
I am currently not a teacher, however, in my current position I work with teachers on the daily basis. I see a lot of tactics they utilize. I also have learned a lot through my observations. I have noticed that it not only easy to integrate technology in the classroom but necessary. We work with children who are ahead in regards to digital literacy. I have heard of students who are working on their own web pages or know how to code things. As mentioned in Crash Course in Digital Literacy (2014), Mattan Griffel mentioned that it is necessary to become part of the most demanding career, coding.

How will I utilize what I have learned through my observations
As I mentioned earlier, I have experience working a variety of teachers. Technology is so broad, that everything I have observed, is technology. For example, teachers begin their classroom time with calendar utilizing the smart board. I have also noticed that because of the smart board, the white boards are disappearing little by little. Next, teachers use visuals such as videos to teach a subject. Books are being read on the smartboard as well instead of actually having a physical book.
Teaching and Digital Literacy Cont.
Not only will our students be part of this leading technology but it also offers them a fair wage. As Griffel mentioned, people begin making a salary of 100,000 dollars a year. As teachers, we are responsible to encourage our students to be part of this beautiful science. Boni Hamilton mentioned in her book Integrating Technology in the Classroom (2015), "Only you know the right path for you and your students. You will select the most effective technologies to advance your students’ academic growth" (Hamilton, 2015, pg.166)
How will I utilize what I have learned through my observations Cont.
I like all the tactics, but the one I am excited to use the most, is the smart board. Hamilton (2015) mentioned that I thought was really interesting, the whiteboards, although famous for all of their features, limits students' learning. This happens because the the activity preparation takes longer than actually teaching. This is a great point however, I have seen how this tool, if used appropriately, can allow all students to interact and learn together.
Reference Page
Digital Literacy
Mayra S. Gonzalez
National University

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Technology's role in my personal life Cont.
Work Calendar/Personal Calendar
I depend highly on my calendar to keep me organized through the day. Without it, I will stress out and make a lot of mistakes. I like to know what is coming ahead throughout the week. It also allows me to not overbook appointments and I can also write reminders.
Phone numbers for work
The technology such as the phone, Allows me to keep in contact with my supervisors or teachers I work with. For example, I work with students who have a lot of aggressive behaviors and at times I have to work with them alone. This can be in the playground or in the classroom. If the student is being aggressive toward me, I utilize my phone to call for backup.
Ring Application
The Ring application in my phone allows me to always be home without having to physically at home. If someone rings my doorbell or is standing in front of my door, my phone will notify me by ringing and I can talk to the person or see who it is. This is extremely important to me because I have experienced a robbery before. This gives me a peace of mind.
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