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caelan anyagafu

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Langston Hughes Great-Grandmothers on both sides of his family were African-American slaves and his Great-Grandfathers were their slave owners.
Both of his parents were of mixed decent.
Soon after Langston was born his parents separated and his father moved to Mexico then Cuba to escape from the racism in the United States.
Early Life
Born February 1, 1902
Was primarily raised by his grandmother and passed away when he was about the age of 18. Afterward, he went to move with his mother to Cleveland, Ohio.
Did not have a good relationship with his father as a result of him moving over seas.
He first became interested in poetry when he went to live with his mother. He later began submitting his poetry pieces to poetry magazines he was rejected repeatedly.
Graduated from High School in 1920 and the following year he moved with his dad to Mexico.
In 1921, Hughes left Mexico to enroll in Columbia University. He studied briefly then became part of the Harlem Renaissance.
In 1922, he dropped out of Columbia University and began working various odd jobs around New York.
Then, in 1924, he moved to Paris where he began to develop and publish his poetry.
Langston Hughes died on May 22, 1967 from surgery complications for Prostate Cancer.
In 1925, while working as a bus boy in a Washington, D.C. Hotel Restaurant he met an American Poet named Vachel Lindsay.
Langston Hughes has written eleven plays, countless poems and the "Simple" books.
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