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3rd Grade Geometry Review

Expressions Unit 2 Vocabulary

Jennifer Byers

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of 3rd Grade Geometry Review

Unit 2 Expressions Geometry Terms Parallel Lines Perpendicular Lines Line Perimeter Line Segment Parallelogram Rectangle Finish the sentence:
Parallel lines are opposite of each other and _____________ cross! Finish the sentence:
Perpendicular lines do __________ and form ___________ angles. Finish the sentence:
A line is a straight figure that has __________ on the end to show it goes on ______________. Choose the correct answer:

A line segment is part of a line with __________________ on the ends to show it does not go on forever.

A. arrows
B. endpoints

Choose the correct answer:

Perimeter is the total distance around a shape. To find perimeter, you have to measure all of the sides and _______ them together.

A. add
B. subtract Finish the sentence:

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with opposite sides that are _________________. Choose the correct answer:

A rectangle is a parallelogram with four _________
__________ and adjacent sides that are perpendicular.

A. lines
B. square corners Square Finish the sentence:

A square is a rectangle with four __________ sides.
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