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Chatroulette Netnography

No description

Francesca Sutera

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Chatroulette Netnography

Background How Did Chatroulette Respond? Hypothesis Since nudity & pornographic material has proved to be a huge problem for Chatroulette... Research Question I created a Chatroulette account but added no details about myself (age, sex or location) & held up a sign hiding my face.
If people chose to respond to my sign, I held up another one with my research question. Methodology Methodology Continued Results Different Responses Analysis of Responses Conclusion Francesca Sutera Chatroulette Netnography After reaching international fame in 2010, popularity quickly declined after large amounts of obscene content.
News segments like GMA broadcasted warnings about the site, & compared it to AIM chatrooms.
A 2010 study showed that 1 in 8 "spins" revealed something R-rated or worse. "Safe mode" that included algorithms to detect nudity or obscene material.
Addition of a "report" button that can result in the blockage of a user.
Requirements to create an account.
Rules added. Wright & Webb p. 68: Anonymity encourages unhibited & aggressive behavior due to a lack of being able to be identified.

pp. 328-329: Digital deception such as identity-based and message-based is easy due to the high level of control users have when presenting themselves (webcam display, text, "nexting," etc.) Despite far more "no" responses than "yes" ones, there's evidence that Chatroulette is still used for sex in more subtle ways.
Two bios I came across were: "looking for girls to chat w/" & "ladies lets have some fun!" Have the recent addition of more rules & regulations that result in less anonymity affected exhibitionism on Chatroulette? A study showed only 9% of Chatroulette spins result in a solo female behind the camera.
Using the same signs but showing my face as a solo female to see if reactions are different. After spending an hour on Chatroulette holding up my sign & hiding my face:
92 different random connections (with a webcam)
14 responses Solo Males All-Male Groups Solo Females All-Female Groups Mixed Sex Groups 61 9 17 2 3 7 responses 5 responses 1 response 0 responses 1 response 11 said no, 3 said yes
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