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cuban parrot

No description

Neveta Kameraj

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of cuban parrot

Cuban Parrot Scientific Name Amazona leucocephala Diet Cuban parrots ate:
Wild guavas
passionwood berries
pigeon berries
fruits from gumbo-limbs
seeds from pine tree
and lots of fruit
Cuban parrots are herbivores Countries found in They are mostly found in the
West Indies. Which includes;
Caymans Habitat Cuban Parrots are found near woodlands
and palm groves. On Cayman island Cuban Parrots are mostly found in dry forests. They can be found in Florida but it's very unlikely for them to be found in U.S.A. The only way to get into Florida is by bird collectors. Estimated number of Parrots
left Cuba has about 10,000 parrots
Bahamas has about 3,500
Cayman Island 3,400 Reasons why endangered Cuban parrots are close to being extinct because
they have lost their habitat. Also because of
hurricanes and were used for pet trade and of agriculture. Interesting facts Adult Cuban parrots grow up
to 12-13 inches tall.
These parrots can look very
quiet,but are very dangerous to be
close by because they can start attacking you
Enjoys eating West Indies
mahogany seeds
They're usually loud at sunrise/
Their calls sounds like something
like a trumpet,whistles and loud shrieks
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