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Social innovation through Cultural Consciousness

Capacity Building!!!

Kim Thomson

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Social innovation through Cultural Consciousness

SOCIAL IMPERITAVES Banglanatak focuses on enriching community through existing positive aspects of Indian culture. It is imperative for them to recognise the several thousand ethnic groups, tribes castes and religions. MAIN OBSTACLES
Banglanatak see's the diverse range of skill levels as being challenging in terms of streamlining their programs to suit a large variety of diverse community groups. Banglanatak is run by a team of over 70 staff from a variety of disciplines. Banglanatak has been supported by various Ministries of Government, namely India, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Rajastan. UN agencies UNESCOm UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNFPA, UNDOC. European Union, US Dept of State, and INGOs AIMS AND GOALS STRUCTURAL SUPPORT

Civil Society Award 2006http://www.banglanatak.com/ by UNAIDS,NACO & SAATHI fohttp://www.banglanatak.com/r outstanding contribution http://www.banglanatak.com/in HIV/AIDS Communication uhttp://www.banglanatak.com/sing Art&Culture
UNFPA-LAhttp://www.banglanatak.com/ADLI Media Award for Genderhttp://www.un.org/en/ Sensitivity 2007, for best Community Theatre Project in Eastern India
UNESCO has accredited Contact Base for providing Advisory Services to its Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee (2010)
Most Creative Communication Outreach Project
Project Inspire of UNWOMEN and Mastercard(2010) There are challenges in expanding the model through Caste and gender barriers, sanitation, and demographic variations like language, cultural norms and increasing urbanisation (Connolly 2010) references 2012, Art for life : an opportunity for investment, Bangalanatak.com, viewed 23/9/2012 <http://www.banglanatak.com/>

Connolly.C, (ed), March 2010, Historic Districts for all- India a social and human approach for sustainable revitalisation, UNESCO Publishing, viewed 16/9/2012 < http://unesdoc.unesco.orf/images/0018/001894/189482e.pdf>

Bhattacharya, Amitava, 2011, From Art to livelihood to Villiage tourism. Responsible Tourism and iits socio-economic impact on local community SOCIAL IMPERATIVES traditional charity, or welfare, addresses immediate needs and crises but often fails to break cycles of abuse, dependency, poverty or unemployment... there is a need to involve all members of the human family to be active, creative, compassionate, skilled, valued and resilient THUS AIMS AND GOALS create a world in which each of us value the other, as much as we value ourselves harness the power of creativity and entrepreneurship to identify develop and invest in people and solutions that actively contribute to this world develop and provide products and services for organisation who seek to do good, better actively seek to enhance the social, economic, cultural and ecological benefits of our practices, programs and services Banglanatak could see conventional tourism models as obstacles to overcome in terms of convincing communities towards a more alternative approach. MAIN OBSTACLES individual or communal apathy to do something constructive for their own communities or their own lives limited resources in a particular area around disadvantaged communities establishing long term community ties and support initiatives of entrepreneurship becoming a greed driven enterprise when taken out of context STRUCTURAL SUPPORT transport communication hardware/services computers office space creative and enthusiastic people SUCCESSES &
CHALLENGES RIVER STORIES PALMS UP Banglanatak aims at developing creative industries based on indigenous knowledge of nature and universe, art and culture. Their approach is safeguarding intangible cultural heritage as a means of sustainable development. Economic empowerment STYLIN' UP Sustainable livelihood Sanitation HIV/AIDS awareness Anti human trafficking BLEEDING HEART young people working with Aardman animator, Jason Lynch, to concept and develop their own animations using visual art, craft and digital camera's.

On the final day of each week, a public showcase was held to celebrate the participants creativity and talent create and support a positive and safe space for young people to tell their stories and interact with positive role models

Provide opportunities for young people to create and showcase products, skills and talent that they and their elders and community could be proud of the stylin' UP event involved community involvement through design process workshops which were used to establish youth branding with indigenous ownership. Bleeding Heart is a place and a movement that promotes a new activism. An activism that uses peaceful and innovative methods of encouraging social and economic inclusion, action, entrepreneurship and change.

All Bleeding Heart products are distinct, ethical, of exceptional quality, and seek to encourage and communicate a better world SUCCESSES &
CHALLENGES AWARDS SOCIAL INNOVATION through http://www.banglanatak.com/ CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS http://www.banglanatak.com/ Ken K. Long Kim Thomson Amy Roberts http://www.banglanatak.com/ http://www.banglanatak.com/ http://www.banglanatak.com/ http://www.banglanatak.com/ http://www.banglanatak.com/ http://www.banglanatak.com/ http://www.banglanatak.com/ http://www.banglanatak.com/ http://www.un.org/en/ http://www.india.gov.in/ http://europa.eu/index_en.htm http://www.state.gov/ http://www.un.org/en/ http://www.un.org/en/ http://www.un.org/en/ http://www.un.org/en/ 3200 ARTISAN BENEFICARIES CHALLENGES SOCIAL IMPERATIVES Maintaining/sharing cultural values through the preparation and sharing of ethnic cuisine

Improving culinary skills of youth

Improving community connections MAIN OBSTACLES AIMS AND GOALS STRUCTURAL SUPPORT references http://venturebeat.com/2012/07/25/culture-kitchen-recruits-cooks-kickstarter/ VB news,Culture Kitchen recruits immigrants to share recipes for cooking kits. 25/07/12

https://shop.culturekitchen.com Culture Kitchen aims to spread cultural awareness through empowering people to learn and share authentic ethnic cuisine SUCCESSES &
CHALLENGES http://www.banglanatak.com/ CHALLENGES

Transport/Postage Mastercooks
Kitchens http://culturekitchenblog.wordpress.com/ http://culturekitchenblog.wordpress.com/ SUCCESSES Expanding to a second line of Culture Kitchen Kits and employing 15 mastercooks after only six months

Presenting at the Hawaii wine and food festival Ability to make meaningful cultural connections with customers through Culture Kitchen Kits and maintaining this as the enterprise expands. Cost of Kits, may not be accessible to all demographics + THE HUMAN PROCESS... SUCCESS!!!! Sustainable Design Studio B financial partners (2011) Battacharya (2012) Art for life
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