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Relationship Between School and Society

No description

Lindsay Freeberg

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Relationship Between School and Society

Democratic Societies Society- a group of people who share a culture, government, institutions, land, or a set of social relationships. Key Terms Anyone can be a member of multiple societies Society Socialization Schools play a major role in the socialization of the young. schools are locally governed by democratically elected boards
concerned with promoting and protecting individual rights and freedoms By Lindsay Freeberg The Relationship Between
School and Society Socialization- process by which people are conditioned to the customs or norms of a particular culture. Religious society
Professional society
Social society Each of these societies has its own culture or subculture. Schools often reflect the society they serve. These pictures show what conditions people to the customs or norms of a particular culture. Totalitarian Societies governance is imposed from above
individual creativity and freedom take a back seat to the perceived needs of the state
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