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Republic of Congo Presentation

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Kisan Patel

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of Republic of Congo Presentation

Republic of Congo
By: Kisan Patel
Francais est l'officiel langue de la Republique du Congo. On parle Francais dans les ecoles. 30% de personnes parle Francais dans leur maison. Les personnes habitent en la Republique du Congo mangent les bananes, les ananas, le pain, et le riz. Il n'y a pas beaucoup de la viande. La specialite est le manioc. On celebre Noel en Republique du Congo, mais il est plus religieux que commercial.
Cultural Information
Demographic Information
La population de la Republique du Congo est 4,366,266. La plus grande et capitale ville est Brazzaville. 91% de la population est chretien. Francais est l'officiel langue, mais il y a beaucoup d'autres langues: kituba, lingala, et plus.
Economic Information
In Republic of Congo, their money is called Communaute Financiere Africaine Franc (CFAF). It is equal to 100 centimes.
1 U.S. dollar equals approx.
505.00 CFA Franc
Republic of the Congo's economy is based largely off village agriculture and handicrafts. They are also large world suppliers of petroleum. And in addition to that, the country has very rich rainforests, and the timber exportation accounts for about 10% of the countries export earnings.
Geographic Information
Republique du Congo est sirue en Afrigue. Republique du Congo n'est pas enclave, il a une cote. Le fleure Congo tourne vers la droite du pays et dans l'ocean. Republique du Congo est un pays voisin de la Republique Democratique du Congo, Angola, Gabon, Comeroon, et Republique Centrafricaine.
Historical Information
French appeared in Republic of Congo ever since it was under Belgin rule in the colonial times. The system is heavily dominated by president Denis Sassou Nguesso, because he has lacked any serious competition in the presidential elections. The Republic of Congo has also had many problems with human rights in the past and present.
In the past the Congo has had many wars, the top two of them was the independence war, and their civil war
In the past the Congo has had many wars, the top two of them was the independence war, and their civil war.
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