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Water Pollution Presentation

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M.J Kwon

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Water Pollution Presentation

Water Pollution
By: M.J 6C Action plan Thank you for your attention! Fund raising
I'm going to sell some food with Hugo on 30th, April and 1th May. We will going to sell Nasi goreng, Chicken Nugget, Cheese sticks, Kim bab, and Korean drinks. And one more thing... Human lifestyle affects sources of water. 1. The causes and effects of water pollution
2. Different perspectives on water pollution in Indonesia
3. Measures are being taken to help solve water pollution Colossians 1:16
16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. Central Idea Lines of Inquiry Enduring Understanding Only 10% of waste water gets treated. The rest, 90% goes into our lakes, river, and oceans. The level of sewerage service of Indonesia is one of the lowest in Asia. What causes water pollution? Concepts 1. Causation
2. Perspective
- Developing countries water is not safe to drink, even if it looks clear as glass.
- The water level ranking of Indonesia is 110.
- Today, one child dies every 20 second from a water related disease.
- In Indonesia, most of the rivers/ lakes are polluted and Jakarta's 13 rivers carry 100 ton of waste every day. How serious is the problem of
water pollution? - Spread of disease

- Affects body organs

- Harms the food chain

- Causes algae in water

- Harms animals What are the effects of water
pollution? - Most of the workers who are working in factory are acting like they care about water pollution, but the truth is they don't care about it.
- A reason why they throw waste water to water sources is purfying water takes a lot of money.
- Some factories have waster water treatment and they used water that they recycled for factory, Action/feeling of Companies . - Ibu. Retno who is working at Xsproject doesn't feel good about throwing trash to river, because it is not polite, not considering others people feeling. Because other people might not like seeing trash around. She is asking the trash pickers to pick the plastic pouches. Then, she puchases for them.

- Dr. Daniel who is working in Hermina Bekasi Hospital does radio broadcast and he teaches how to be safe from diseases. He talked about diseases which are related to water pollution. Action/feeling of different
professionals - The people who get damage are mostly poor people, but some of them earn money from catching fish hear rivers, if water is polluted, they can not earn money. One of examples is the Citarum River.
- They got diseases related to water pollution. They drink, swim, and use unclean water. So, for developing countries, 10% of the causes of the diseases are water.
- Because of polluted water, many people threaten their lives. How do people most directly
affected by the problem? - Not much, it must difficult for Indonesia government to change the habit of the people to not polluting water where ever they want.
- Government gives a tax favor to factories that have waste water treatment.
- The government has started water supply and waste water treatment projects that will cost money, and addition of estimated US$70 million per year and longer than a decade to complete. Action of Government - Greenpeace



-International River

- WaterPartners Action of different
organizations 1. Make banners and signs and hang/put
them near rivers.
2. Do campaign about water pollution
3. Educate people about water pollution - Be careful about what we throw down sink or toilet. Don't throw paints, oils, or other forms of litter down the drain.
- Educate people who don't know to stop water pollution.
- Take great care not to overuse pesticides and fertilizers. This will prevent run offs of the material in to nearby water source.
- Refrain from trowing litter into steams, lakes, rivers, or seas. Action that we can do HM's Menu Nasi goreng 10,000 Chicken Nugget 5 pics 8,000
8 pics 12,000 Cheese sticks 5 pics 5,000
8 pics 8,000 Korean Drinks 8,000 Kim Bab 10,000 Thanks to people who allow me to visit them
and I hope you enjoy my photo album
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