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Los Pollitos Dicen


Denis Alvarez

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Los Pollitos Dicen

Four of Ms. Koppel's 8th grade students were given the task to teach Ms. Valencia's 1st grade students about the life cycle of a chick. The students were Leslie Garcia, Kimberly Luna, Denis Alvarez, and Samantha Rodriguez.
Proyecto Pollito
~Project Chick ~

" This was such a great learning experience for me and also for the kids. We learned new things along with them and had fun doing it as well. "
~ Denis Alvarez
Learning the life cycle of how baby chicks hatch with 1st graders was absolutely the best thing ever. Not only did we learn together, we also had the opportunity to see it happen in our classroom.
~ Kimberly Luna
The four teachers had to plan and set up the classroom and get it ready for the students. They did the planning just like a normal teacher would do and chose the activities the children would do. They made presentations and showed videos that were related to the topic .

The kids filled out a KWL chart so that the teachers can see what they already knew about chickens, and what they wanted to learn. Also, they did vocabulary in both English and Spanish that was related to the subject.
Each of the kids had a scientific journal in which they wrote their observations of the egg or what they did in the classroom that day with the four teachers.
The children got to learn about the stages of the chick inside the egg, and see it for themselves using a candler (Incubright) to see inside the egg.
The kids were taught a Spanish song called "Los Pollitos Dicen" and they had so much fun learning the moves and the lyrics to the song.
The idea was to teach these 1st grade students science in both English and Spanish so that they are exposed to a new language from a young age. The class had an activity in which they incubated eggs in the classroom. Throughout the weeks they were teaching, the student were able to learn more about the life cycle of a chick and also see it for themselves in the classroom .
The money that is made in our orchard is what pays for the materials used on this project such as the candler and the incubator. Though some money is made from the harvest we sell, it's not enough to pay for all of the supplies to keep the orchard going. For more information or to make a donation please e-mail info@orchardlearningcenter.org or visit us at www.orchardlearningcenter.org
John Wann President (602) 509-6042

The children kept track of the egg on a Chick Timeline. One child was randomly chosen every couple of days to put one of their drawing on the Chick Timeline.
The four teachers and children started with an activity called a " mystery box". The teachers put a mystery object (In this case the egg turner of the incubator and two eggs) inside a box and children had to ask yes or no questions about the object. They could only use their sense of touch to figure it out. Once they're in the right track, you take out the object for them to see.
The students shown above are Arturo, Roberto, and Jeremy (from left to right).
The Orchard is a meeting place where organizations, schools, and families gather to learn, work, and develop relationships, all of which can empower them to tackle some of the most difficult issues facing our community: obesity, lack of civic voice, and poverty.
This is one of the Youtube videos that the four teachers presented to the children.
Teaching the kids the song "Los Pollitos Dicen".
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