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M-PESA in Kenya

Microfinance and Technology- Mobile Banking

Barthez Ng

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of M-PESA in Kenya

Set Question
Based on the lessons learnt from M-PESA in Kenya, how do we implement this in other countries?
[M-PESA in Kenya]

Microfinance & Technology - Mobile Banking
Question #1
What are the impacts and challenges of M-PESA in Kenya?
1.1 Impacts
1.2 Challenges
2.1 The Lessons Learnt
2.2 Implementation in other Countries
1. The use of mobile technology to reach to large no. of unbanked, poor people
2. The design of usage-based rather than float-based revenue models for the poorest of the poor
3. The low-cost transactional platform for low-income clients
Question #2
What criteria are necessary for poor people to adopt technology-enabled delivery systems?
- National impact:
Overall impact on the country

- Economic Impact:
Impact on micro and macroeconomic climate

- Social Impact:
Impact on the poor people and their socio-economic status

- Industry Impact:
Impact on microfinance industry
Tanya, the M-PESA Storekeeper
Michael, the poor man
Judy, the M-PESA Store Manager
Barthez, the designer of M-PESA in Kenya
- Float

- Security and fraud related challenges

- Increased customer support

- Network/connectivity problems

- Customer Training
- Be able to gain benefits

- Be comfortable with and educated about

- Be user-friendly

- Be culturally-sensitive

- Be trustful

- Be physically accessible and affordable
1. Pre-existing Country Conditions
(a) Strong demand for Services
(b) Poor quality of available financial services
(c) Regulatory environment
(d) Strengths of mobile operator and penetration
(e) Technology adoption
2. A Clever Service Design that Facilitated Rapid Adoption
(a) Marketing
(b) A Simple user interface
(c) Being able to send money to anyone
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