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La Haine

No description

Aimee O'Neill

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of La Haine

La Haine
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Immigration in France.
The Jewish in France.
Black and white imagery.
Memory and the city.
Very well received in France.
Alain Juppé the Prime Minister of France at the time, commissioned a special screening of the film for the cabinet, which ministers were required to attend.
The Prime Minister said that, despite resenting some of the anti-police themes present in the film, he found La Haine to be
"a beautiful work of cinematographic art that can make us more aware of certain realities."
Reception to La Haine.
Born 3 August 1967.
A French director, screenwriter, producer, editor, and actor.
Writer and Director of 'La Haine'.
Won a César Award for Best Film and Best Editing for 'La Haine'.
Raised a Roman Catholic, by a Catholic mother and Jewish father. Kassovitz described himself as "not Jewish but I was brought up in a world of Jewish humor".
Mathieu Kassovitz
The inspirations for this movie was a racist incident that involved the police;
Makome M’Bowole, shot in 1993.

Inspiration for La Haine.
1995, Dir. Mathieu Kassovitz
Vincent Cassel as
, Saïd Taghmaoui as

Hubert Koundé as
Dedications for La Haine.
Dedicated to "those who died while it was being made".
"Ce film est dédié à ceux disparus pendant sa fabrication".
Divided Cities.
Police versus rioters.
"A French Director Straight Out of (Enfin) Spike Lee". The New York Times. Retrieved 2007-11-26.

Elstob, Kevin. "Hate (La Haine) review". Film Quarterly (Berkeley, California: University of California Press)

Johnston, Sheila (October 19, 1995). "Why the prime minister had to see La Haine". The Independent (London).
Aimee O'Neill
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