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aqualisa quartz

No description

sojung yoon

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of aqualisa quartz

aqualisa quartz Yoon sojung
Im jiyun
Park hyeju Marketing
case analysis contents 1. Market analysis
2. Goal
3. Impediment
4. Solution 1. Market analysis Firstly,

Let's look at
the U.K shower market problems plumbing poor water pressure fluctuations in temperature too many break downs .... and so on about 60%
had showers Then,
look at what kinds of
showers are sold!!! Also, what types of
buyers exist!!! Aqualisa products So far, it was market analysis premium

Do It Yourslefers
property developer Before setting a goal
we have to know
customer needs. water pressure design stable
temperature ease of
installaton From this point,
we have to remind that marketing definition is meet
consumer needs
profitably So, Aqualisa made Quartz by changing location mechanism!
it is not
2. Goal bottom-line marketing goal consumer marketing goal consumer If we look at this we have to consider
plumber plumber
2. Impediments - 2Ps 1) Plumber 2) Price plumbers Raise
from about 18% to 21%
by increasing the 1-day sales
from 15 to 150 units
to -850 to 1080
10 times higher 3. Solution alredy making considerble profit
high margin rate in the retail price. high possability in increasing m/s
It's only 18%!! the risk of eroded by competitors
customers won't change it
once they chose it positive effects on brand equity current segment of Quartz
is premium but it's too difficult to target
only for prmium buyer
if we want to increase m/s also consumers in value group
are usully price-sensitive Mixer Power Why? The end Q&A Why market share??? market share standard consumers profitability brand equity
Why standard customer? the biggest proportion Benefit of quartz? ease of installation
and use efficient and reliable
water pressure and temperature fancy style one touch control do not want to change their particular brands!! only small portion of the plumbers
deal with the Aqualisa products. Then, why don't...??? REal Problem plumbers do not
change their brands
easily re-master the installation skill skeptical to electronic products second visit cost
because of mistakes high price for premium group focus on standard! plumbers free education
& incentives one-hour session
about the quartz Just for the first time! half of margin
to plumbers
price 1. trade-in sol -existing customer -new customer exchanging 2. rental system get ownership
after using 2 years checking service
once a month standard group PRICE SERVICE QUALITY
Thank you Promotion 609 market share
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