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Les and Connors adventure

No description

Sanchez Kennedy

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Les and Connors adventure

Fun with Les! Les would like people to remember that
he is nice and helpful. Family Les had a nice two story house and a big back yard with a garden. House Les's favorite food as a child was cereal, hotdogs, and cookies. Food By: Connor Hartig Les lived in Dyersville, Iowa. His family name goes back to world war
one. He had one brother. I would like people to remember that about me to. I live in Dubuque,Iowa. My family name goes back to 1904 I also have one brother He had a small front yard, were he threw pennies at the train that went by until the train honked. His favorite room is the kitchen. His house was heated with a furnace that burned wood. My mom's house is a one story ranch
with a small yard and a garden. My dad's
house is a two story house with a huge
yard and a big garden. My mom's house has a small front yard that I like to play in. My favorite room is the kitchen too
because that's where all the food is. My house is heated too, but with gas. Cars Les learned how to drive when he was fifteen. His father taught him. His car was an old blue, Chevy. When Les practiced he drove in farm fields in the country. My sister learned how to drive when
she was 15 too. My dad thought her how to dive too. My sister doesn't have a car yet. Les now eats heathier foods than when he was a kid. Les can still eat everything he could as a child including cornmeal mush, brains, pigs feet, and headcheese. He made sauerkraut, pickles, canned fish, and stuffed sausage. My favorite food is cookies and cookie cake. I eat a lot of healthy foods to. I can eat everything too. I can make sausage. It was nice meeting you It was super fun meeting Les. I learned a lot about him. I learned a cool math trick. Les made me feel like I had another grandpa.I will remember that he is nice and helpful. Thank You! My sister practices in the country.
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