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Classroom Procedures & Policies.

No description

Belinda Rubio

on 24 August 2018

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Transcript of Classroom Procedures & Policies.

Friendly Reminder to all students
2. Pick up all daily assignment/binders every day before sitting down. Please be in your seat when the bell rings
5. Be polite
Classroom Procedures & Policies.
4. No restroom passes
the 1st & last 15 minutes of
classroom time
New Restroom pass is the orange
vest please replace vest to its original
place every time.
3. Always be prepared/Pencil/Pen
Sharpen all pencils first 2 minutes
of classroom time.
6. Technology
5. all work is to be turned in
every day on top of filing cabinet
All work will be graded
and given back to you on monday
where it will then be placed in
your folder
a. Do not use foul language
b. No horseplaying
c. Be polite/raise your hand.
d. Be on task
e. No grooming in class please
a. No cellular phones or ipods
allowed during instructional
b. Supplies
7. Make up work.
1. Please enter the room in a
respected manner at all times.
a. All work will be placed for the whole week on the shelf. in the organizer next to the sharpener

Welcome to another school year:

My name is Ms. Rubio I would like to be addressed as Ms. Rubio, please. Thank you. I am looking forward to being your teacher this year. Relax.
This will be my 8th year teaching at Edcouch-Elsa H.S. Outside of class, I go to workshops, conferences, in-service meetings, college classes, and seminars. I also read the professional journals and work together with my fellow teachers in professional organizations, So you know I am up-to-date in my professional knowledge and my teaching skills. Most important, I love to teach! I enjoy teaching, and I am proud to be a teacher. So you can relax. You are in good hands this year with me.
Ms. Rubio
Warm-up Exercise,

Please describe in detail;
how would
life be without rules?
c. Do not cross the tape into my desk.
Dear Students,
1. I believe in you,
2. I trust in you,
3. I know you can handle life's situations.
4. You are listened to.
5. You are cared for.
6. You are very important to me.
e. Objectives
Syllabus/Dress code/Binders
What are some of your
Goals in life?
Make your own bill of rights for how you would like the class to run
BC=Before Christ
BCE=Before common Era
AD=Amino domino(year of the lord)
CE=Common Era

Century=100 years
Decade=10 years
age/era=historic period of history having some distinctive feature
Timeline activity of your life

1. must have dates in chronological order
2. must be colored in
3. must have a drawing.
4. must be full length of the paper.
Social Contract
How would you as a student in class like to be treated?
5. 8-10 dates
d. Reminders
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