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Time Management and Managing Freedom

No description

Christine Fahey

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Time Management and Managing Freedom

Myths about Time Management...

Let's Calculate..
Sleeping...7-8 hours
Personal upkeep - different for each student...2 hours
Eating...3 square meals- 3 hours
Classes..18 credit hours per week
Commuting...2 hours (walking between classes from iSchool to dorm/apt.
How much time is really left?
What's your number?
The Truth and Benefits about TM.
More Productive
Decreased Stress
Improved Self-Esteem
Work-life Balance
Avoid meltdowns
Increased confidence in the ability to get things done..
Time Management and Managing Freedom
168 -119= 49 hours
How are you spending your time???
Time management is nothing but common sense...

No matter what I do I won't have enough time..

I work better under pressure..

Schedules and structure is ruining my mojo..
There are 168 hours per week
Evaluate your energy levels though out the day
Schedule your tasks according to your energy level
Morning person ? Night Person?
Night people, beware of falling into social traps vs. doing work, or sacrificing sleeping hours
working towards sleep schedule according to your earliest class
Losing sleep easiest way to sabotage your next day agenda!
Steps to Managing Your Time....

1. Set Goals
2. Make a Schedule
3. Revisit and Revise your plan
Step 1.

Make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely
Long term and short term goals related to 2014-2015 semesters.
Integrate, school, personal and career goals

Write 2-3 long term goals and short term goals to get you there...
Making a Schedule
Set up your Semester Calendar....

look at the syllabus/class schedule
block your classes, labs
other set obligations, meetings, internships, work
highlight exams, papers,project
days off
pencil in your self-care, social things, working out, hobbies...
Making a schedule (cont.)
Weekly plan...

Ask yourself these questions:
1. What do I expect to accomplish?
2. What will I have to do to reach these goals?
3. How much time will each activity take?
4. When will I do each activity?
5.How flexible do I have to be to allow for unexpected things?
Activity Part 2..
From your Goals , set priorities
Discern what's important and what isn't.
What order do things need to be done in?
Once you know what your priorities, then can plan out your semester , the week and the day
Practice makes perfect..
Tips on Making it a great day:
set realistic goals, there are only 24 hours in a day
Use spare time wisely
study at the same time everyday
divide study time in 50 min blocks
Reward yourself!!
Do you use a Daily Planner?

Step 3. Revisit and Revise your plan
are you making progress
check your completed tasks, what ones didn't you get to?
was your energy level appropriate ? stress level?
What changes need to be made?
what are persistent time wasters?
what other obstacles? time to reflect here...
was procrastination an issue?
Different forms...
ignoring the tasks, hoping it will go away

underestimating how long it will take
OVERestimating your abilities on the topic
excepting mediocracy
doing something else that isn't very important

believing that minor delays won't hurt you
talking about a hard job rather than doing it
putting all your hard work in one part of the task
How to overcome it..
Win the mental battle by committing to being on time
Set and keep deadlines
Organize, schedule & plan
Divide a big job into smaller ones
Find a way to make a game of your work or make it fun
Reward yourself when you're done
Tell your friends and room mates to help remind you of priorities and deadlines
learn to say "No" to timewasters
Tackle Time Wasters
First, learn to know when you are wasting time

Decide what you need to do and can realistically do
Learn how to say "No" when you don't have time
Put your phone on "airplane mode" during critical hours of studying or work
Stop and ask yourself if this is part of your schedule for the day, and if its going to help you get to your goals
Revisit your values
knowing what you value gives you direction in life
Direct your energy towards your values

Examine your values
to help you make time management decisions

Block out specific time to accomplish a task
The "Set Time Method"

Example : Mon 2-3 pm Scripting foundations homework
MWF- 7-8 pm GYM
Complete a term assignment preview
use a "Week at a Glance" organizer
Enter in due dates and social events as soon as you can
Review your calendar daily for the current week and upcoming week
it just takes a moment to review your calendar and it relieves stress to know when you are top of things
Learning to Say "NO"

Avoid the temptation to socialize when you've scheduled work
Avoid giving in to last minute invites
Schedule socializing after important tasks are completed
Find a place that is productive environment for you.. (no social or device distractions)
Let's share..
time off including meals
study time/working on assignments
planning time (30 min on Sunday?)
class time, lab time, tutors
private commitments
Paper or device? or Hybrid?

What's your Procrastination Rational?
Wrap up...
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