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East African Rift

No description

anthony gutierrez

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of East African Rift

East African Rift
Pros & Cons
East african rift historic activity
Antonio Macias
Chris Sowers
Jonathan Carter &
Anthony Gutierrez

area 51
apidulche mesa
plant 42
area 51
apidulche mesa
plant 42
The east african rift is where the Somalian and Nubian plates are pulling away from the Arabian Plate.This creates a large valley witch probably was created 25 million years ago.
its changing earth so technically progress
this is a map ^
Description of what goes on here.
eventually make a new land
good for scientific data collection
and research
may be profitable
This valley is known as the east african rift valley .The east african rift valley is basically a 6000 mile crack that divides Kenya into 2 segments.
*There are multiple plates made by the East african rift.
*The larger plate is called The Nubian Plate, and makes up most of Africa
*The smaller plate is called The Somalian Plate
*They are both pulling away from each other and the Arabian plate
*They all met in the Afar Region
*There is more rifting activity further south and the Rift continues to expand
*Series of rifts occur like The Lake Albert Rift

*The exact Rift formation is unknown, its an on going debate among geologist and geophysicists(we aren't sure how the rifts form.
*One theory is that elevated heat flow is causing a pair of thermal bulges
*As the bulges stretch and fracture the surface and makes normal faults it results in rift valleys
*These fractures occur in a pattern consisting of three fracture zones
*The stretching and forming of the rift is often proceeded with volcanic eruptions that flow over large ares usually exposed on the flanks of rifts
low air quality
non hospitable for human, animal, or plant life
very hot
another map
*The rifts were caused by severe warping and uplifting of the craton as much as 2,000 meters.

*The uplifting caused expansion of the crust and the resultant collapse of the arch crests along normal faults.
In conclusion, The East African Rift is a complex system of rift segments. Rifting occurs in various ways, but no one really knows what exactly goes on. Or how the East African Rift was formed.
*The collapse formed the rift valleys, and the breaks in the crust along the fault lines allowed magma to escape near the surface causing increased volcanism.

*The rifts began forming during the Miocene Epoch [About 65 million years ago].
*It is thought that these rifts follow old sutures between ancient continents that collided billions of years ago to form the African Craton.
the east arican rift could be profitable because as molten rock rises to the surface it lifts up rare ores ad precious gems

Giant Crack
The rifting causes volcanic eruptions that cover a lot of the land around it in lava and magma, which destroys the area around it, and kills many people
Somalian and Arabian plates
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