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First Nations and Explorers Conflicts

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on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of First Nations and Explorers Conflicts

New France: Chapter #1 Conflict And Resolution New France: The Newcomers Jacques Cartier PowerPoint The BEST Answer First Nations always thought that the land are theirs to use, but not to keep. The used the land to their many benefits: They used it to get food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and medicine. They respected all their resources and thought that their all powerful god gave them their resources, and that they should respect and greatly cherish them. The First Nations believed the Creater, or Great Spirit for the creation of the world, and the materials that he provided. They relied on their elders to place the laws and they also look up to them. However, all their beliefs were about to be ripped away from them. Francois I, in 1534 sent Jacques Cartier to find 2 things: A shipping route to the Orient to import silk and other products to Europe, and to also find gems and metals such as gold and silver to make France wealthy. In 3 weeks, Cartier arrived on Pointe-Penouille to show France's claim to this land. Chief Donnacona saw the cross, and realized it's importance so Donnacona went onto Cartier's ship with his family to protest. Chief Donnacona was persuaded to let Cartier borrow 2 of his sons, Domagaya and Taigonagny to France to show the king. They returned a year later and since they were well treated, they established a positive relationship between the First Nations and the French. In the following PowerPoint, we are going to further inform you
on the First Nations with fun facts. In my opinion, I think that Cartier captured the First Nations
because he thought that the King of France would forgive him
for not finding riches, (He found worthless Quartz) when the First
Nations would tell the story that they had great riches in their lands. Also, I think that certain diseases like scurvy struck the First Nations when they were captured and held prisoner by Cartier. In that confined space, many rats and other creatures might of been there and spread plague to the First Nations. Also, they could of died to lack of shelter, and lack of clothing materials. If I was a captured First Nations, I would of felt betrayed and hurt, because of how a buddy turned against me to please his superior for his own life's sake, and for money. I would solve this conflict using another First Nations to placate both sides. Cartier would bring 2 First nations over to France and show his king, saving his life. Also, those two First Nations would be treated like royalty, That would make both sides pleased, and therefore, the conflict might be resolved. Bumpy Relationships In spring, Cartier captured Donnacona, his sons, and other Iroquois and took them back to France with himself. All died but Donnacona and one of the Iroquois. The relationships between the First Nations and the explorers suffered dismally. The relationships between the French and the First Nations recovered a bit when the Coureurs des Bois (Runners of the Woods) arrived. They traded pelts in the middle of the woods, even though it was illegal. In 1696, the king made a law that
whoever went on a trading trip and returned will we sentenced to the galleys (Be hanged). The days of the Coureurs des Bois were finished. Increased Rivalries There was great efforts of the French to assimilate the First Nations, to convert them into Christianity. The French held friendly meetings with the First Nations in the 1670's near today's Kingston, Ontario. The number of First Nations residing in the area increased. Those groups includes the the Montagnais, the Algonquin's, the Huron's, and the Five Nations Iroquois. In 1609, the Huron's convinced Champlain to help them attack the Iroquois, who was their enemies. Champlain shot down two Iroquoi leaders in one shot, and he described that after the death of the two chiefs, they, "Lost courage." Métis Children who had a First Nations parent and a French parent were named the Métis, which meant "Mixed" in French. The name caused many disputes between the First Nations and the French. The churches did not oppose of these relationships, however, the only catch was that the First Nation's parent had to be baptized in the Church in order for the marriage to be approved of. Question: The First Nations welcomed the French with animosity. Later on they got along and helped each other. However, things were starting to go wrong. Cartier didn't manage to find riches in the land, and he captured some First Nations instead to show the king. It ruined the reputation that the French and the First Nations had built up in the times. How did the First Nations get along with French Explorers? First nations were people who lived in Canada thousands of years before the French
They were originally called “Indians” but they are now preferred to be called First Nations
Most of them belong to different tribes such as Mohawk, Cree, Oneida etc. Who Were the First Nations? By: D’Andre, Lana, Sanaa and Kobe First Nations This Question that we are posing is a fairly easy question, though only people who truly payed attention during the Prezi can answer it. Here is the question, and good luck. As a forewarning, anybody can attempt the question. For participation purposes, you will receive a small gift in thanks (Only if answer is deemed acceptable). The top 3 people that answer the question to it's best extent will be rewarded gifts. In the next slide, we will put our ideal answer, and after that, we will show you the prizes. The person with the closest answer will receive the "Bucket." Second, will receive a large silk made flower, specially made by Lana, and Third place will receive a small silk flower, also made by Lana. Here is the question:

~ Why do you think Cartier captured the First Nations to bring them to his King, and to what causes do you think that almost all of them died in this journey to France? Also, if you were a First Nations, how would you be feeling if the person you trusted turned upon you? Also, as a bonus, in which conflict resolution would you choose to solve this predicament? Bibliography -Grade 7 History Textbook
-Explorers and PathFinders
-Mr. Tash This Picture shows Cartier talking to an irate mob of First Nations when he planted the Flag, claiming the land for France.
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