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Equator Project

No description

Bernardo Laverde

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Equator Project

Resources & Cities

Four Natural Resources:
Four Agriculture Products:
Ecuador's Culture, Flag, and the Galapagos Islands
Ecuador's culture is very much of different cultures. The Incas did influence the people today. Cultural music involved flutes, drums, and trumpets in a type of music called Pasillo. Ecuador is very much a mixing pot of Indigenous, African, and European(Spanish) heritage with a mix of mountain people and coastal people with a little of Rain forest people. Some traditions are Carnival(celebrated 40 days before easter every year before the Catholic fasting period) and Inti Raymi (an Inca holiday that is celebrated on the summer solstice because it is the festival of the sun).
Geography of Ecuador
Ecuador is a Republic in South America located in the equator. Thus giving the name "Ecuador". On the north borders Colombia, the east and south borders Peru, and the Pacific ocean is on the west. The Galapagos Islands lies west of Ecuador. At East Ecuador lies the Oriente, which contains a portion of the Amazon rainforest. Ecuador's longest river is "El Rio Napo" which connects to the mouth of the Amazon river. Near the center of the country is the highest mountain in Ecuador called Chimborazo. Chimborazo has an altitude of 20,564 ft and is part of the Andes Mountain Range.
Ecuador declared independence from Spain on May 24, 1822. Residents of Ecuador are considered as Ecuadoreans. Quito is the capital of Ecuador. However, the largest city in Ecuador is Guayaquil. On the Ecuador flag, the Andean condor is a national symbol of Ecuador standing for greatness and strength. The government consists of 5 branches of government: The executive, legislative, judicial, electoral, and the transperency and social control branch. The president (Lenin Moreno) is both head of state and head of the federal government. Ecuador is divided into 24 provinces and uses the US Dollar as its official currency.
Ecuador's Capital and the National Assembly of Ecuador
San Fransisco de Quito also known as just Quito is the capital of Ecuador. The first people there where the Quitu people hence the name. In the 15th century, the Incas conquered the city making it the second biggest in the empire. In 1532 the Spanish had started to conquer Quito and on December 6, 1534, it finally became a Spanish city. In the 1550's Ecuador became known for its prestige works of art. Later, on May 24, 1822, at the Battle of Pichincha Ecuador finally got independence from Spain.
Places in Ecuador

Made by: Lucas, Bernardo, Lilly, and Kobie
Four Largest Cities:
Four Industries:
Ecuador's Government
and History
Santo Domingo
Food Processing
Wood Products
Basilica of the National Vow
Galápogos Island
New Cathedral of Cuenca
The Chapel of Man
The Caranqui Muesum
Regions of Ecuador
Santay Island National
Recreation area
Ecuadors Independence
Ecuador's Indepence Day is a mandatory holiday
both public and private. It celebrates the first day
that Ecuador was free/indepenent from spain.
Their independence day is on May 24, 1822.
After public opinion diminished the National Congress in 2009, it was replaced by the National Assembly of Ecuador. The National Assembly of Ecuador now stands as the countries legislative branch.
On Ecuador's flag, the symbols include the colors and the coat of arms. The red represents the blood shed by the soldiers for independence, the blue represents the sea and sky, and the yellow represents the good crops. In the coat of arms there are four flags and on top them are leaves. These leaves represent victory. The condor on top represents safety and protection. And the sun in the middle represents March, April, May, and June that are significant months for Ecuador.
The Galapagos islands are approximately 620 miles west off the coast of Ecuador. They are an archipelago (a chain of small islands) of volcanic islands that the Equator runs right through. There is wildlife in which Charles Darwin had gone and discovered diversity amoung animal species. It is a national reserve and is protected by the Ecuadorian Government.
Ecuador Fued

Song - La Corriente by Mirella Cesa
Secret Text
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