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The ojibway By Deegan Lemon

No description

Katie Hay

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of The ojibway By Deegan Lemon

what the ojibway ate!
The ojibway ate rice and corn they havested, they also eat mosses and buffolao they hunted as showen in this picture.
belifes, rituals, ceremonies and traditions
The Ojibway people believe in the turtle island creation story, They wear traditional dresses at powwows and The Ojibway like to make moccasins.

where the ojibway lived
The ojibway lived in the eastren wood lands witch is the area around Lake Superior to northeast Georgian Bay.
The ojibway people lived in wigwasgamig that was made of wood and leather.
The ojibway By Deegan Lemon
the Ojibway wore clothing made from animal hides, primarily from tanned deerskin. The women wore deerskin dresses, leggings, moccasins, and petticoats made of woven nettle or thistle fibers.
the Ojibway used mulitiplie methods of transportation such as tobagins, snow shoes and canoes. the canoes were made of birch bark. Traditional snowshoes had hardwood frames with rawhide lacing.The slats for the toboggans were split from straight logs of hard wood that had been cut in winter when the sap wasn't running. The front end was heated in boiling water then bent upwards. In the old days rawhide covered the bent front end to protect riders, loads were tied to cleats or rawhide straps on the sides, and they were pulled either by dogs or people.
The ojibway’s art work was mostly based around nature. I'll put some of there art work at the end
samples of artwork

The creator of this prezi
The end
problems for all first nations groups.
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