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Dangers of scuba diving and underwater exploration

No description

Lauren Montgomery

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Dangers of scuba diving and underwater exploration

By: Lauren Montgomery Dangers of Scuba Diving and Underwater Exploration During ascent your lung pressure needs to be the same as decreasing water pressure or else a series of conditions called air embolism might happen. If air cannot be exhaled it can tear the lung and force air bubbles into your blood and could cripple or kill you. Scuba diving is easy to learn and doesn't take very long to learn how to do it. It can also be fun to learn. Is scuba diving easy to learn? Scuba diving requires a lot more strength balance and agility then most people think because the tanks are really heavy and its hard it pull your self up the latter to the boat. Why do people have to be in shape to scuba dive? The dangers of scuba diving and underwater exploration Is it important to dive with a buddy? It is important to dive with a buddy because if there was an emergency or anything came up the buddy could help you. Conclusion In conclusion scuba diving is easy to learn, and you should always scuba dive with a buddy in case of an emergency. You also have to be in shape because it takes a lot of strength to hold the equipment. Scuba diving can also be dangerous because of air embolism.
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