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Health and Safety Induction for BTEC Level 2 and 3

No description

Masudur rahman

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Health and Safety Induction for BTEC Level 2 and 3

Lecturer in
What about alcohol?
Which is more Valuable? Your laptop or safety?
Chairs ..
Use chairs sensibly
Chairs are not transport
High Risk!!
In case of an electric shock,

Turn off the power.
Call for help.
Go to the aid of the victim.
Electric Shock
Only essential work related items to be on the desks.

Bags and coats to be stowed under desks or in lockers.
Personal Effects
No Alcohol is allowed on Campus.
Stay Safe Online.
How do we evacuate?
Read evacuation procedures for your room

Leave by the closest safe route.

Assemble where directed.
Safety is our first priority
Health & Safety Induction
Health and Safety Induction
Social Networking Chatrooms and IM
No Drinks in the Computer Rooms (Sealed bottled water is allowed).
Fire Alarms Constant:

Evacuate to safe area
AES Career Manager, Moree
By using technology like mobiles or the internet, this type of bullying can affect someone not just at college, but at home as well. It has a 24/7 nature and can make someone feel upset or threatened in their own home (Thinkyouknow.com)
Be careful about the emails, phishing or sharing your personal details including photos and phone numbers over the internet.
Stay Secure
Stay Safe
Be successful.
Do not wear clothing which can get caught in equipment.
Do not wear dangling jewelery
Hungry or Thirsty?
Sorry, No food or drink is allowed in the computer rooms or classrooms.

Food should only be eaten
in designated areas.
Priority is
Your Safety
Faculty of Business and Services
Any Student who is drunk will be disciplined.
No fighting or horseplay is allowed. Breaches of this rule will result in disciplinary action.

Prepare to evacuate
What you should do in terms of fire fire alarm?
College computer facilities or internet should be used carefully for the educational purpose. Stay safe online, be careful with strangers online. Talk to someone in the college if you think someone is bullying or trying to abuse you, there is always help.
Be careful what information you give out on your profile. Remember that you don’t know who your friend’s friends are… or your friend’s friends’ friends!
What is cyberbullying?
What’s different about it than normal bullying?
Some important things...
Wear ID Card all the time, while you are at college
Mobile phones need to be switched off or silent in class
You can not stay in class without the teacher's or LSP's presence
Don't share your password with other students in class, use strong password, change the password regularly
DON'T use other student's computer.
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