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Gender Roles Facts

No description

Elaine Johnson

on 29 March 2018

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Transcript of Gender Roles Facts

Gender Role Facts
Gender socialization starts at birth
It occurs through family, education, peer groups, and mass media
The expectations surrounding gender roles are based on stereotypes and behavior of women and men
Gender roles form the basis of sexism
Gender Roles In Our Society
Women in our society
Women in our society are downgraded a lot. As shown in Beyonce's video, she says, "You should aim to be successful, But not to successful, Otherwise you will threaten the man,".
Gender Role Statistics
The majority of girls are complimented on their looks while the majority of boys are complimented on acheivements.
Children develop their gender identity by the age of three.
Women do 20 hours of housework each week opposed to men who do 10 hours per week.
Beyonce- Flawless
Change the way you
look at women
This is about gender roles in our society because media often portrays women as weak and not dominant but this song shows women are more than what society defines them as-we are beautiful and strong.
This video shows that every woman is not perfect and airbrushed as most magazines portray. We are not perfect, and we are happy to be individual, have different looks, talents, abilities. We have one thing in common-our voice to speak out against these wrong connotations of women.
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