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Feeling Dead Inside?

The Correlation Between Zombies, the Media and Cotard's Syndrome

Lauren Pasetes

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Feeling Dead Inside?

Feeling Dead Inside?
How Zombies Relate to Cotard's
The media is a big part of our lives
Can affect us negatively

Works Cited
Simpson, Pedro, Eva Kaul, and Davin Quinn. "Cotard's Syndrome With Catatonia: A Case Presentation And Discussion." Psychosomatics: Journal Of Consultation And Liaison Psychiatry 54.2 (2013): 196-199. PsycINFO. Web. 2 Apr. 2014
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Cases of People with Cotard's
Mademoiselle X
Another woman
Diagnosed by Jules Cotard
The delusion of being dead
The cause of Cotard's Syndrome is unknown
Is often paired with Depression, Schitzophrenia, and bipolar disorder
What is Cotard's SYndrome?
Growing popularity may influence Cotard's Syndrome
Getting to know the stereotypical zombie
Some differences among Zombie Media
Those with Cotard's have zombie-like qualities
How does the media correlate with Cotard's?
How Zombie Genre Might Correlate with Cotard's
Examples of Zombie Genre
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