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Career Shadowing @ American Hair Cutters


Johnny Morales

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing @ American Hair Cutters

American Hair Cutters Hiram Perez Career Shadowing 4/16/10 Purpose of the company To give the people of our community great hair and to produce quality hair cuts at a quality price.. Employability Skills The workers have to get to work on time and like us he will get in trouble if he doesn't. He also have to dress appropietly or elses he will get in trouble.. Where will this company be in 15yrs? American Hair Cutters will be in the same spot. they got a double contract of 5yrs and they have already been there for over 15yrs. The average sallary: He is an independent contractor which means he is his own boss and works at his own time. It also depends on how many appointments he has that day. Education: You need to go to cosmetologist school and get the diploma. Technology: There are the hair cutters and a sharp pair of clippers. Skills needed for this job: You need a steady hand, style, and lots of patients. This is one of his appointments. Would I come here to work in the future?
Yes I would and work here.
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