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Treatment of the Mentally Ill

A presentation on the poor treatment conditions for victims of mental illness.

Corey McCandless

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Treatment of the Mentally Ill

Poor Treatment of the Mentally Disabled Inadequate
Physical Treatment People with mental illnesses need to be given proper care and attention, not just swept under the rug and ignored. The Big Idea Those who are afflicted by mental illness are more likely to suffer from physical health issues as well, due to increased anxiety, respiration, and other various symptoms of their illness. Because of this, these victims require better healthcare than those who are sound of mind. America's
Broken System The Problem: "Hopeless Diagnosis" Society's "Taboo" The Problem: Works Cited

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Hirschkorn, Phil, and Russ Mitchell. "Mentally Ill Crowd America's Jails - CBS News." Breaking News Headlines: Business, Entertainment & World News - CBS News. Web. The Problem: Inadequate
Physical Treatment "There are so many people... who could be treated but who are intimidated from seeking help. And so many people who need support but... believe that no-one will care. For far too long our leading politicians have been far too silent about mental health, part of a taboo running across our society which infects both our culture and our politics."
- Ed Miliband (British Labour Party Leader) Society's "Taboo" The Solution: One of the biggest steps towards improving life for the mentally disabled is to "break the taboo" and eliminate the negative feelings that the words "mentally ill" tend to bring. The Solution: The Solution: Those who are mentally ill need regular check-ups for heart and respiratory issues, and for diabetes. Patients should also have easy access to their medical information Those with mental illnesses need compassion, understanding, and proper treatment. A mental disorder is just another disease. America's
Broken System The Solution: According to a study by the Treatment Advocacy Center done in 2010, people who are mentally ill are three times more likely to be incarcerated than put in a hospital. In addition, as many as 20% of inmates in prison suffer from a mental illness. Pass legislation that requires lawbreakers to be tested for mental health and, if found to be mentally ill, placed in a hospital, not a prison. "Hopeless Diagnosis" The Problem: Instead of putting forth real effort into curing mental illness, many professionals write off mental disease as a life-long illness. This attitude discourages and frustrates those who suffer from mental illnesses, as it prevents them from getting well and resuming their lives normally. Red or Blue There are more mental disorder victims in: Hospitals Prisons Red or Blue If someone has a mental illness, they are more likely to: Seek Help Hide it Red or Blue A brief quiz on treatment of those with an mental illness
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