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Pioneers Curriculum

No description

Marie Antoniette Abad

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Pioneers Curriculum

Step 1: Assessing Present Classroom and Learning Strategies Applied in TLP 1. Pages prescribed & covered per quarter 2a. Realistically Cover 3.Effective Learning & Classroom Strategies 4. Strategies that had not been effective & action to reverse the situation a. Mathematics Lifepac Mathematics Pace Prescription : Math & Language Arts
depends on the students' readiness
Language Arts : 3rd quarter pages 1 - 50 to 60
Language Arts : do not include pages 162 to 190 Incentives
Group activities
Jobs, “I am done” jar, time out chair
7 Habits Stories and games/activities, checklist
God’s Word=Bible Verses Put First things first activity 5. Lifepac Teachers Guide Curriculum Review and Revision SY 2013-2014 Math K1 LifePac: Pages per quarter Instant Reader Language Arts Instant Reader: Lessons per quarter Language Arts K1: pages per quarter Other Subjects Penmanship -used as supplementary material Science -only covered 4 topics Bible - Lifepac 101 :until Unit 2 -pages 7 to 101 -pages 133 to 270 -Lifepac 101 to 104 One week zoo
Drawing Animals
Living and Non-Living Things 2b. Limits time
unpreparedness/lack of time management
failure to plan aligned with the school calendar
attitude :perseverance & "come what may" = less choices, appropriate for their age, game not a discussion type Seek first to understand then to be understood activity = explained further, practiced, game more appropriate for them Mostly used and applied
focused on accomplishing the pages
Uses review games for mastery b. Language Arts Lifepac Follows the “Teaching pages.. “ part
does not use “extended activities” and “suggested reading/story ideas”
Focused on accomplishing the pages c. Reasons why... Had been used to..
Easier to do..
Less time to prepare and accomplish
More pages accomplished 6. Strategies to holistically cover prescribed topics & make them competent For Math less pages of “Make Marks”; causes confusion
Skip some pages
focus more on associating of counting and number symbols For Language Arts Instant Reader then LA K1 Look for the pictures game Alphabet notebook 7. Concerns & Suggestions a. Pioneers & Trailblazers accomplish prescribed goals: thorough planning and with discipline to carry out, student involvement Classroom management : instilling discipline and modeling b.Profession Meetings - Set a time; be keen to follow; push the “multa”/shoulder the expenses for snacks English Fluency training in written and oral form – meet twice a month for an hour; written and oral exam at the end Delayed Salary- we understand; advise the teachers 2 days before c. Stewardship of resources, equipment and facilities Have a specific schedule for cleaning aircon (i.e the incident with the RR and Achievers’ A aircon) and electric fans and cleaning the washroom thoroughly d. Month – End Devotions Involve students through their clubs (set a meeting with club officers, a month or 2 before inform them to give them enough time to prepare) e. New Books and Toys, Facilities, Equipment Opt for durable toys- costly but would last longer
T. Abby’s idea of “donate a book on your Birthday” Zen garden steel posts – needs to be repaired
Printer f.7 Habits for Parents, Teachers and Staff For Teachers & Staff - A weekly meeting for teaching; (Staff) Have activities that may help them to fully understand the habits and apply it. For Parents – through newsletter or stories made by kids about their 7 Habits experience Thanks for listening! :)
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