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PWI Story- Safety Related

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Ryan Bramlette

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of PWI Story- Safety Related

telephone: +1 650 753 0400
Why do we do what we do..?
Clients, Colleagues, and Communities.
Our industry has historically been
very reactive and focused primarily
on market advocacy and low price.

We are challenging our industry, our
colleagues, and our clients to think
differently about risk. This enhances
our ability to protect, grow, and propser
all of our 3 C's.
Next Steps
If one of our why's is to help our clients
grow and prosper....then guiding our
clients towards providing an even safer
place to work would align with that why.
Challenging our
As our firm continues to evolve...
we have spent a lot of time on
identifying our why's. Why do we
really do what we do?
Challenging our
Good culture, not great
1.15 Mod
20% Loss Time Injuries
High frequency in a particular dept.
Many employees in several locations
OSHA Compliance issues
Challenging our
Identified Loss Drivers
Engaged our LC and Claims teams
Created action items that we could
help guide, implement, and facilitate
Formalized Policies and Procedures
Educated Management about top down buy in
Created audio text safety meetings
Simple- Positive reinforcement based incentive program
Helped negotiate OSHA fine
Established pro-active plan on new/open claims
Job Site Walkthroughs
Challenging our
Challenging our
What- Reduction in claims frequency and severity, an increased safety culture and safer place to work, happier and healthier employees, a significant mod reduction, and a triple digit decrease in premium in less than 5 years.
How- Our resources and intellect in combination with a commitment from the client.
WHY- Help our client grow and prosper
by helping them provide an even safer place to work.
Reducing and preventing injuries and providing
avenues that assisted them in showing their employees
they truly care about their well being.

Select your broker
Get together to identify/assess risk
Prepare a plan
Implement- Do what we said we would do- together.

If you don't know
....you dont know HOW to get your WHAT
Challenging our
Safe Work Place
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