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Personal Profile

No description

Fred Kao

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Personal Profile

Personal Profile
Name: Chih-Mao, Kao
Date of birth: 23/02/1985
Species: Homosapien
Gender: Male
Email: chihmaokao@hotmail.com
Nationality: Taiwan
Visa Status: Australia Permanent Residence
Address: Melbourne CBD,
Hometown: Taitung, Taiwan
Current Status
I am now residing in Melbourne for a fresh start as a chef and looking for a perfect establishment to start my career over. I am ready for long term commitment with on going learning and challenge.
Employment Histroy
Taipei Removals & Cleaner as

Cho’s Dumpling King
kitchen hand
The Grace Hotel Sydney

Bavarian Steak Haus as
Ministry of Education, assigned to Fong Li primary school (Taitung)

as English teaching assistant
Exploring my potential
With you :)
Every job I had, I'd learnt more than just skills
This is a extremely busy Chinese restaurant in Taiwanese style. It serves comfort food for Taiwanese and Chinese migrants and students. Popular for its strongly seasoned sides.

This is my first job in the kitchen, my daily duties include basic shopping, hand-washing dishes, marinading meats, take-aways, cutting vegetables and cleaning.

I learnt to deal with stress and harsh working environment. I remembered that it was quite often I woke up in the morning and tried to run away from work.
My duties here were cooking American style buffet, running around between hot section, cold larder and dessert section to assist chefs for their mis en place, and room service orders.

I had learnt some the operating system in bigger establishment, broadened my culinary views from the functions and food events and sowed culinary seed in my mind. One of the most remembered questions that the chef had asked me was "Fred, You wanted to be a chef, or you were leaded by a situation to be a chef?" I didn't answered at that time but I went back to him few years after and answered him that I want to be a chef now.

It all started here........
Education & Skills
& Hobbies
Story about me
It is a 3 floored steak restaurant, its basement is used for private bar, function and birthday party, ground floor for a la carte service (60 pax.) and second floor is mainly for larger function (150 pax). it serves steak, deep-fried comfort foods and simple stire fries.

My job position allows me to learn about managing production flow, keeping calm and dealing with on-going problems, maintain job morale, observing and reacting and most importantly looking after fellow employees. I met a great boss here and I had shown my royalty to him as returns for the favour received from him. However, I found it struggle to find a balance between future development and royalty because the unchanged routine is wearing out my goal and confused with my career path.
12th of June
Diploma of Hospitality Management
Commercial Cookery Certificate III
Griffith University
Bachelor of Business - Hospitality Management
English : upper intermediate
French : Basic words
Chinese(Mandarin): Native fluency
Chinese(Taiwanese): Intermediate
It is theoretically my first job, my major task is basically move clients belongings from one place to another, but it is actually more then that. This job had taught me the way to maximising the use of the space given and moving heavy items safely. And my boss and colleagues, not to mention that they were university professor, bank manager and IT engineer and ......., I had learn to appreciate my life and the art of being low-profile from them.
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one plate
Completed compulsory military service.
Being certified as horticultural therapist
Cloudy with a Chance of steak rain
How I started cooking:
Before I worked in hoispitality industry, I was dreamed of being an aeronautical engineer, a vet or a physiotheropist. I started cooking because of financail condition and found out the flexibiblty of
being in control of the flavour and matching flavours which I tasted before is somehow interesting and food creates interaction between people.

Student life:
In year 2006, I enrolled TAFE and completed a diploma of Commercial Cookery Certificat III Hospitality Management and in 2008,
at this point I started to think about a real career as a chef
. After TAFE, I moved to Gold Coast Australia and completed a degree in Hotel Management at Griffith University in year 2011. I was a full time student who workied full-time hours to support my study financially.

Why kitchen?
I love kitchen because food is an ice-breaking tool and non-verbal language that creates social interactions that bring people together and I can feel the disappoints or achievements straight away right after cooking. I decided to work as a chef when I was halfway through my master degree, I noticed there are more cookbooks than textbooks on the bookshelf and I don’t see myself analysing financial report and stock/capital markets but cooking in the kitchen.

Who am I in the kitchen?
I can provide
royalty, consistency, can do attitude, creativity, calm kitchen, team works and caring.

I consider myself in a group as a helper, an observer and have a neutral character and according to Keirsey personality test I belong to the Idealist Healer. Thus, I frequently observe others while working and provide assistance when possible. In cases of quarrel, I remain neutral and give advice on both sides. Moreover, I often act for the goods of others, for example, sacrificing my own benefits for the efficiency or to compromising the needs of others, it makes me adapt to a new environment easily. Therefore, I believe I will be very helpful for your business.

I am a communication bridge between foreign teacher, students and colleagues and my other tasks are to help foreign teacher with managing classroom rules, creating bilingual learning environments and teaching.

Upon experiencing the role of a teacher, I learnt about how my attitudes affect other's life and behaviour and what I should do to be able to and eligible to teach students.
Making granola bars
Thank You
many thoughts
I was strongly bounded with this workplace.
customers from same country
Making marshmallow mousse
plant pot
Lotus leaf bowl for bonzai
ACP Certified Horticultural Therapist
Browsing food markets
Food & Drinks
Eat out and recreate
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