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The Outsiders

No description

cayleb Randolph

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders

The Outsiders
The Outsiders
Flow Map
Bridge Map
Tree Map
Ponyboy, a member of the Greasers gang, is leaving a movie theater when a group of Socs jumps him. His older brothers Darrel and Sodapop and several members of their gang, rescue him.
The Greasers walk Cherry and Marcia home, and Socs Bob Sheldon and Randy Adderson see them and think the boys are trying to pick up their girlfriends. Cherry and Marcia prevent a fight by leaving with Bob and Randy willingly. When Ponyboy comes home very late, Darry gets angry and hits him. Ponyboy runs away and meets up with Johnny. As they wander around the neighborhood, Bob, Randy, and three other drunk Socs confront them. After the Socs nearly drown Ponyboy in a fountain, a terrified Johnny stabs Bob, accidentally killing him. Ponyboy and Johnny find Dallas, who gives them money and a loaded gun and tells them to hide in an abandoned church. They stay there for a few days
Falling action
Ponyboy is relatively unscathed and spends a short time in the hospital. When his brothers arrive to see him, Darry breaks down and cries. Ponyboy then realizes that Darry cares about him, and is only hard on Ponyboy because he wants him to have a good future
Although he is failing English, his teacher says he will pass him if he writes a decent theme. In the copy of Gone with the Wind that Johnny gave him before dying, Ponyboy finds a note from Johnny describing how he will die proudly after saving the kids from the fire. Johnny also urges Ponyboy to "stay gold". Ponyboy decides to write his English assignment about the recent events, and begins his essay with the opening line of the novel: "When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home..."
Another of the gang, Two-Bit, informs Ponyboy that he and Johnny have been declared heroes for rescuing the kids, but Johnny will be charged with manslaughter for Bob's death. He also says that the Greasers and Socs have agreed to settle their turf war with a major rumble. The Greasers win the fight. After the rumble, Dally and Ponyboy visit Johnny and see him die. An overcome Dally rushes out of the hospital and robs a store. When he points his empty gun at the police, they shoot and kill him. Ponyboy faints and stays sick and delirious for nearly a week. While recovering, he tries to convince himself that Johnny is not dead and that he is the one who killed Bob
Double Bubble Map
The Outsiders is a coming-of-age novel by S. E. Hinton, first published in 1967 by Viking Press
The book follows two rival groups, the Greasers and the Socs who are divided by their socioeconomic status.
Rising Action
The Outsiders
Circle Map
The Outsiders
ponyboy is in a gang
ponyboy becomes brave
ponyboy is loved by everyone in the gang
ponyboy was in the newpapers
i've been in the newspaper
i'm brave and i have honor
im associated with a gang
i'm loved by alot of people
he's scared
he can't read
he's wanted for murder
he's in a gang
he's loses his family
he die's from fire
ponyboy is scared and has a fear of dieing
sodapop has
a job and brings
home money to
pay the bills
ponyboy dose
not have a job
ponyboy is wanted for murder and has to run away
They both live together
as a family
They both are in
the same gang
and have respect
for each other
Sodapop stays out of trouble
and is one of the good kids in the story
sodapop is
brave and isn't afraid of dieing
What i research is "gang love" and what i found is that gang love is as strong as family love. they protect the man next to them and will do anything to keep there family and there "home boys" safe.
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