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Parts of Speech

Teaching parts of speech with analogies.

Jesse Tucker

on 30 August 2010

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Transcript of Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech:
They make sense when we think of them in terms of driving a car. First of all, a car is a THING we need, want, or already have. In other words, a car is a NOUN (person, place, or thing).

However, a car is worthless if it doesn't do anything and just sits in your driveway leaking oil. Cars are meant to be vehicles. Cars run... Cars cruise... Cars kill??? All in all, cars are things of action.
Cars make VERBS happen.

When we think of our dream cars, what comes to mind? Cars are fully customizable and for most people it's all about the details.
In other words...cars are all about ADJECTIVES.

Quirky, crappy, bright, shiny, classy, sophisticated, comfortable, sexy, slow, etc. Every driver has his or her own way of handling a car... Carefully. Hungrily. Carelessly. Recklessly. Drunkenly. There are several ways to drive, and when we describe HOW we drive we are using adverbs.

Adverbs qualify verbs. In other words, adverbs give a more detailed description of the action.
(Carefully, disorderly, heavenly, uniformly, etc.) When we are planning where to go in our cars...we rely on prepositions to get us there.

We drive THROUGH intersections, AROUND corners, and TO our destinations. And sometimes along the way we utter some INTERJECTIONS... Wow! @#$% **** @&#! What? Okay! We rely on CONJUCTIONS to help us formulate a good excuse for not giving little brother a ride to his friends house...

"...BUT I can't". "...AND I have to do something else." "...SO I just don't have time!" The first car I ever bought was a little, tan pickup. I was so happy to have my own car that I didn't even notice the rust spots on the doors, or the way the bumper sagged noticeably to one side. I drove that truck around town aimlessly, just happy to be cruising in my own vehicle. Friends would pile haphazardly into the bed on the weekends and we would drive up and down the city streets for hours, enjoying the cool summer air. Wow! There really is nothing that compares with the experience of buying your first car. In the following paragraph identify one of each of the parts of speech. On a piece of paper write the word first, and then what part it is.

(Noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjuction, interjection.)

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