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Copy of 3/5 Compromise

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Michael Daly

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Copy of 3/5 Compromise

3/5 Compromise
The Art of Compromise
What was it?
The 3/5 compromise was a compromise made between the 13 colonies on the subject of slavery. It stated that the 3 southern colonies could count 3/5 of there slaves toward there population.
How did it all start?
The 3/5 Compromise happened during the
Philadelphia Convention of 1787.

Do you remember what happened at the Convention
of 1787?
What were they arguing about?
The North had more had more people than the South had (not including the slaves.)
The South wanted all of the slaves to be counted as representatives for taxation, population, and for more representatives in Congress.
Sound familiar?
What did they compromise?
The South wanted only 1/2 of slaves to be taxed but the New England colonies wanted it to be 3/4 of them.
So they just compromised that each slave would be worth 3/5 of a person, but that also meant the South had 3/5 more representatives.
What does the illustration below tell you?
Foreign Slave Trade
Foreign Slave trade was another problem the Founding Fathers also argued about.

Some of the delegates believed that slaves and slave trade should be abolished all together.
What was the problem with it?
The Southern delegates believed that if they abolished the slave trade the whole Southern economy would crumble.

They also said that if they ended slave trade then the Southern states would immediately leave the Union all together.
The Commerce Compromise
The Commerce Compromise allowed the Congress to put tariffs on imports and not exports.
So they were allowed to import slaves until the end of 1807.
What did the Compromises do?
These compromises greatly helped the Union and repair a rocky relationship between the South and the New England colonies.
Who was involved in the compromises?
James Wilson and Rodger Sherman were to major delegates involved.
Thomas Jefferson pointed out a flaw in the taxing formula.
James Madison proposed the 3/5 ratio.
James Wilson
James Madison
Thomas Jefferson
Roger Sherman
II. Informal Assessment – Students will use their Cornell Notes to answer the following questions:

• Who were the four leaders responsible for the 3/5 Compromise?
• What were main differences between the two rival plans for the new
• What compromises did the delegates make before the Constitution could be signed?

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US History Social Studies Book
Use this video to help you fill in the 5 W gaps
you may have about the 3/5 Compromise in your Cornell Notes

“Multiplication and Representation”
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