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Nintendo 3DS

No description

Nathan Tucker

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS 3D Technology Is Born Again The Past, Present, and Future of 3D What is a Nintendo 3DS? Effects of the 3DS First 3D Anaglyphs Charles Wheatstone shows off the first 3D anaglyphs. This is the first 3D technology and the basis of all 3D since. June 21, 1838 September 27, 1922 First 3D Film Presentation June 10, 1915 April 25, 1953 First 3D w/ Stereophonic Sound First Computer Graphics July 25, 1970 1960 First 3D Feature Film First Movie w/ 3D CG November 21, 1973 Virtual Boy System 1995 First 3D Printer January 1, 1986 September 15, 2009 Fujifilm 3D Camera Stereovision is founded March 27, 2011 Nintendo 3DS Launch Avatar sets records January 22, 2010 The Nintendo 3DS is launched for sale in North America. At the Astor Theater in New York paying audiences could see short 3D film productions. Nat Deverich's Power of Love was the first 3D feature film showing in Los Angeles. The first 3D movie featuring stereophonic sound was Warner Bros' House of Wax. This triggered a short fad of 3D movies in the years following. William Fetter creates a 3D image to help organize cockpit space and calls is computer graphics. Three years later someone creates the first software designed to create computer graphics. The company Stereovision is founded and The Stewardesses became one of the most profitable movies even today becuase its production price was low. Westworld was the first movie to feature 3D computer graphics. It was about a futuristic Wild West themed park. The first printer that can make 3D objects is developed by 3D Systems and Charles Hull. Nintendo releases an entertainment system with stationary goggles and red monochromatic characters popping out of the screen. It was only available for about a year. The camera uses 2 capturing lenses then combines the image. The viewing screen and paper for printing both have 3D integrated into them to eliminate need for glasses. James Cameron's Avatar breaks his own record of the Titanic of greatest grossing movie. This is a big boost to the 3D industry. 3D Screen with Depth Slider Touch Screen Analog Control 3D Camera Backwards Compatability StreetPass SpotPass Beyond the 3DS The Future What are the possibilities?
Endless... Priceless Positive: 3rd Dimension

Negative: Possible eye problems

Local: More ways for people to have fun with their friends near and far

Global: Connecting the people of the world and forwarding technology as a whole All rights are reserved to the original holders, authors, and photographers.

All logos, trademarks, and images of the Nintendo 3DS are reserved for Nintendo's purposes only.

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