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Scuba Diving Tech. Timline

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Leslie Oviedo

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Scuba Diving Tech. Timline

Scuba Diving
Henry Fluess 1873

Louis Boutan 1893
In 1893 Louis Boutan created the first underwater camera. He used for his research on the aquatic landscape of the ocean. He also created better ways of underwater photography by making it smaller and more efficient in taking pictures. He created a book of his findings and it was titled La Photographie Sous-Marine.

Draeger of Germany 1911
In 1911 Draeger of Germany released the an oxygen re-breather. The mask being used here by Gottlebsen is originally a ‘smoke helmet’. A breathing apparatus which was originally constructed for use in smoke and gas polluted environments is about to be tried out as a diving helmet for underwater use. In 1912 there was a new model of the helmet came out it was modified to a 3-bolt flange helmet. It was lock system connected to a plate that acted like a tank.
In 1878 Henry Albert Fleuss created the first self-contained breathing apparatus. It had a rubber mask connected to a breathing bag with O2 from a copper tank and then the CO2 was scrubbed by a rope yarn soaked in caustic potash. This gave the user about three hours of breathing.

W. H. Longley 1923
Ben Stone, Jack Prodanovich, and Glen Orr 1933
Louis Ce Corlieu 1933
Yves Le Prieur 1925
Mar-Vel 1946
Ralph Davis 1950
In 1923 W.H. Longley took the first underwater color photographs. He was experimenting with Auto chromes in the tropical shallows to see if there was any difference in picture taking and he was successful in his experimentation's. He photographed only stationary objects like corals, anemones, and sea fans.
In 1925 Yves Le Prieur releases a working self contained underwater breathing unit. Also known as the Aqua Lung The original "Aqua-Lung" was an "open-circuit" design (so-called because gas flows from the cylinder, to the diver, out into the water). The aqua lung was also known as the double hose and its still used used today with some differences with the pressure process.
They were the first to make a diving club in thier era. These diving clubs grew in exponential rate and they vastly grew popularity amoung society. Louis Ce Colieu was the first to make swimming flippers in France. Later in 1935 designed a popular fin for free diving.
Guy Gilpatric 1938
He was the first to make a book of scuba diving that was very popular in inspiring people. It was called "The Compleat Goggler".
Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan 1943
They designed and tested a successful aqua lung you can call this the advanced aqua lung then from the one that was created in 1925.He designed a demand-valve for regulating air supply in a variable pressure environment. It adjusts air pressure automatically and supplies air as a diver needs it, so that air pressure inside a diver's lungs match the pressure of the water. It was a complete revolution for the scuba diving industry and all together for deep sea exploration.
In 1946 the earliest production of scuba diving equipment was founded by Mar- Vel this included early skin suits as well as the commercial equipment that they specialize in.
The International Underwater Spearfishing Association was founded mainly by Ralph Davis. The first National Spearfishing Competition was also held that year.

Nationally stores are dedicated to diving. Chuck Blakeslee and Jim Auxier created Skin diver magazine it became the enlightenment to all people of the industry of scuba diving. Most of the gross incomes that get of the sellings of the magazines went to improving the sport. They made many projects in progressing this sport they established the first scuba diving museum, The National Diving Patrol, NAUI, The International Underwater Film Festivals, the Hannes Keller dive, and etc.... Later in that year The Reserve Valve was released. Hans Hass publishes Diving to Adventure and it inspires many new scuba divers or people to the underwater environment.
Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Frédéric Dumas, and James Dugan. 1952
In 1952 The Silent World was released it tells the story of how the Aqua lung was created and the underwater adventures they had in that time. It became one of the influential books in bringing new people into Scuba Diving.
The popular science inc. gives information on how to make your own scuba diving equipment using surplus military parts. E.R. Cross gives information on underwater safety. A scientific diver course taught by Connie Limbaugh at Scripps Institute is known to be the best course and Connie was famous in the diving industry and was even called the "Greatest Diver in History" by Skin Diver Magazine.
Al Tillman and Bev Morgan 1954
In 1954 Al Tillman and Bev Morgan develop the first public skin and scuba diver educational program. It was the start of other programs that follows it. Later that year the book "The Science of Skin and Scuba Diving" is published by Council for National Cooperation in Aquatics. It's a very educational book for scuba diving. Kingdom of the Sea starring Zale Parry was aired that same year. She becomes a national hero to women she held the record for the depth of 209 feet near Catalina, CA - only stopping because she hit bottom. And she now inspires women to join the sport too.
Tillman and Morgan 1955
Al Tillman and Zale Parry 1957
Due to massive attention and much nobility Tillman and Morgan created the first formal instructor certification program. Famous divers came to teach and become certified themselves in this school.
In 1956 the first wetsuit was created by the researchers from the University of California. Edco was the to first produce a line of these wet suits.Ted Nixon creates the new Red and White flag for divers down.
In 1957 Al Tillman and Zale Parry established the first International Underwater Film Festival. It was held in the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. This festival was to give importance to amateur photos and movies and to open it to the audience.
Sherwood Manufacturing Inc. produces the piston regulator. The T.V. show "Sea Hunts" is produced and it inspires many unprecedented numbers of new divers to the sport. It stars many famous scuba divers including Zale Parry, Lamar Boren, and Al Tillman.
Al Tillman,Neal Hess, and Garry Howland
1961 - 1966
1998 and 2002
YMCA creates the first national diver certification institute. The Underwater Society of America was also created and established.
In 1960 the National Association of Underwater Instructors was created by these guys and was a success they held their first instructor certification course in Houston during the Underwater Society of America Convention. It's a nonprofit organization. NAUI becomes the first international certification agency.
In 1961 John Gaffney established the National Association of Skin Diving Schools (NASDS). In 1962 Ed Link spends on developing equipment for deeper, longer lasting and more secure diving. He became the first diver to be completely saturated with a mixture of oxygen and helium (Heliox) while breathing underwater. This dive served as a test run for a dive the following month by Robert Sténuit, who spent over 24 hours in the SDC at a depth of 200 feet and thus became the world's first aquanaut. In 1963 Dick Bonin and Gustav dalla Valle found Scubapro. In 1965 Al Tillman creates UNEXSO in Freeport, Bahama Island. It became one of the early scuba diving resorts. It was destination for people to enjoy both in-water and out-of-water activities with of course all the necessary equipments to do it with. In 1966 John Cronin and Ralph Ericson established the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).
In 1970 Scuba Schools International (SSI) was founded by Bob Clark. In 1971 Scubapro starts a new trend of the Stabilization Jacket. In 1977the first DEMA trade show is held.
In 1998 NASDS intertwined or merged with SSI corporation this move became a success for both companies. Then in November of 2002 Skin Diver Magazine prints its final edition.
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