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Urban Planning

cities and stuff...

Francisco PS

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Urban Planning

Effects of Urban Planning
Urban Planning
Urban Planning: Origins...
Before Urban Planning...
Transportation, sanitation, housing, water, and fire.
Key Factors that lead to Urban Planning
New York City and Central Park:
Urban Planning: Big Examples
Public Health Officials
Social Workers
Quick Fact:
1908, New York City:
120,000 horses
Each horse = 22 pounds of manure
1320 tons of manure per day
Flies and disease...
Housing Dangers
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ray! Here's your new citation:
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Land & Resources
Urban Environment
Manage and function
Sustainable Development
1898 New York City
First International Urban Planning Conference
Questions arose ???
Sanitation, housing, transportation, water.
Commissioner's Plan (1811)
Central Park
Chicago's White City (1893):
White City
Frederick Law Olmsted
Daniel Burnham
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