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all about project

Yair Exposito

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Nintendo

The history of Nintendo and other things A Love hotel A cab company Nintendo was founded in 1889 in Japan originally as a playing card company And a TV network In the 1964 Tokyo olympics, playing card sells dropped. Plummeting their business. TV channel Cabs Love
Hotel Cards FAIL!!! On the other hand... In 1966, Nintendo decided to join the Japanese toy industry by first selling the ultra hand, a extendable arm that could grab ball like objects. It sold over a million units. They also produced the ultra machine, a machine that launches softballs that are meant to be hit with a bat. That also sold over a million units. They also made a love tester mini game where a couple had to grab both ends and squeeze. It meant to measure on how much their love scale is on each other. It currently sells for $55. Nintendo considered this as a success and put them back in order. Now's the part everyone was expecting to actually see... VIDEOGAME HISTORY The first console they came to make is the color TV game 6 (1977) color TV game 15 (1978) color TV game 112 (1978) game and watch (1980) Nintendo entertainment system
or (n.e.s) (1983) Super Nintendo (1990) Virtual boy (1995)
<fail> Nintendo 64 (1996) GAMEBOY COLOR (1998) Gameboy advance (2000) Gameboy (1989) RANDOM SPACE The part when you're actually going to recognize these Gamecube (2001) Don't be fooled, the only reason I put a pic. of the disc was because it's smaller than normal DS (2004) DSI (2008) 3DS (2012) And sure, there were the XL versions, but it was basically the same thing. Since the 1970's I don't have a pic so here's a chicken leg. Nintendo decided to go on new ventures such as... This left Nintendo down the barrel of bankruptcy, leaving only 60 YEN in inventory. Wii (2006) Regular sized disc Wii U (2012-2013) <newest> What really helped enlarge Nintendo's success in the game industry was an early game called "Donkey kong" I'm talking about the first. It introduced Nintendo's mascot, Mario. One weird thing about it is that it was originally supposed to be a Popeye game. Mario Popeye, Donkey Kong as Bluto, and the "princess" as Olive. h One of the reasons they survived a little longer was that they co-operated with Disney and put their characters on their cards. One of their most legendary games was Super Mario Bros. The very first game. Not the very newest, Plus Mario was in over 200+ games so you know what I mean from the first. The game personally I like better than some of the newer games. I have it laying around in my closet, I just can't find it through a jungle of clothes. Back then, it cost as much as a new game, over 28 years, you can buy it for $30.00. After it's release date in 1985, the game sold more than 40 million copies. The legend of Zelda series also greatly impacted Nintendo. The first and second game were the only cartridges that had a different color. The first one
sold 6.51 million copies. Not as big as Mario's but that still 6+ million people. The pokemon series is the 2nd best Nintendo franchise, behind the Mario's series. It's obviously the first system Pokemon chose develop on. It sold 7.6 million copies during it's first release. I don't have much to say, all I say is that Pokemon means Pocket monsters. STUFF YOU DIDN'T KNOW Mario's original name was Jumpman, Mr. Video, and ossan/middle aged guy in Japanese
Donkey Kong's original name was Stubborn Gorilla, they changed it because it's sounded boring.
In thanksgiving of 2008, Nintendo sold 2.5 consoles every second. In result they gave out 1.28 million dollars to every employee.
Nintendo is a larger company than Lowe's, Sony, Target, Yahoo, and uh...Nike.
Mario had 7 TV shows.
Mario has 31 and counting different power ups.
Some porn games were released unlicensed by Nintendo.Here's the good part, Each one of them sells for $1,000. So much for audience that stays in a basement with the lights turned off.
This is the weirdest, in the first Mario game, remember that one right, yeah? ok. The original game manual said Bowser (the giant friggin turtle that has spikes on its back) turned to mushroom looking people into the blocks, so basically Mario is saving the world while murdering innocent civilians in the process. Soo... yeah.
Koopas/turtles, were based off Kappas. A mythical Japanese animal that were the size of a boy, had a shell, and liked zucchinies. After that, probably Nintendo's best decision was hiring Shigeru Miyamoto, a.k.a the creator of Mario+ others. The cool part about it was that Shigeru actually looked up to Disney, the irony part about it was that he ended up creating a character (Mario) that results show is more recognizable than Mickey mouse. Think about it, Raise your hand if you don't know who Mario is......Yeah that's what I thought. Some porn games were released unlicensed by Nintendo on the Nes.Here's the good part, Each one of them sells for $1,000. So much for audience that stays in a basement with the lights turned off. Mario's original name was Jumpman, Mr. video, and ossan< Middle aged guy Mario has 31 powerups and counting In thanksgiving of 2008, Nintendo sold 2.5 consoles every second. In result, they gave every employee $1.28 million dollars. The most mind blowing epic brain explosion thing you never knew... You know this right??? I'm not sure if you saw the block clearly but if you look on the very first game's manual to it... it says Bowser, turned the mushroom type looking people into...Blocks. God, what a di-um jerk. So basically Mario saves the world hundreds of times while at the same time, murdering/destroying innocent mushroom civilians to pieces at the same time. How many games did he have again? Oh yeah, at least 200. And there's a buttload of blocks everywhere. SUP Mario had 7 TV shows Stupid picture time
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