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Wegmans Food Market

No description

Raiza Anonuevo

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Wegmans Food Market

Wegmans Food Market
How do customers judge
the quality of a supermarket?
Customers judge the quality of supermarkets through their top of the line products and excellent service.
Factors that are important to the successful operation of a supermarket
What are some of the ways Wegmans uses technology to gain an edge over its competition?
Companywide inventory tracking system
Maximizes the use of social media
Advanced distribution system
Use of auto-ID tags

b) Forecasting
- To determine future trends in sales peformance, finances and customer behavior
c) Capacity Planning
- To determine when and how much capacity is needed for the production of a new product and to manufacture them.
d) Location
It affects its operation cost as well as its availability to serve the customers.
e) Inventory Management
It avoids the stock-out and spoilage problems that a firm otherwise would face in the lack of proper inventory management.
f) Layout of the store
This includes the appropriate shelf layout and the arrangement of products to be able to display as many goods as possible and to make it easy for customers to look for the product they want.
g) Scheduling
- needed in order to organize and complete your projects in a timely, quality and financially responsible manner
a) Customer Satisfaction
Customers most likely appreciate the goods and services if they are made to make them feel special.
End of Report
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