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Ottoman Empire 1450-1750 Tim Lloyd

No description

Tim Lloyd

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Ottoman Empire 1450-1750 Tim Lloyd

Overwiew of Ottoman Empire
1450 - 1750 Ottoman Empire During "The Shrinking World
(1450- 1750) Ottoman Empire from 1750 - 1914 Was an empire mainly focused on military expansion
With takeover of a Christian city, they captured young boys and made them Janissaries
After the capture of Constantinople, they restored the city to its former glory
15th Century- Janissaries became involved in politcs
16th Century- Janissaries control most political actions
Empire peaked around 1700's, then started a long decline Politics- Empire experienced long decline due to weak rulers and Janissary intervention
Economy- Suffered due to competition of Western goods and
their dependence on imports
Culture-With no economy and declining power in world, culture was no match to what it formerly was. Ottomans also experienced European Imperialism despite their efforts to combat it Europe's interaction Sultan's tried hard to take over all of Europe, but could not due to their archaic military and weak rulers
Ottoman's for the longest time combatted European Imperialism, but fell for it due to their dependence on European goods Overall effect of European Imperialism The Ottomans fought against it, but in the end could not compete with the powerhouse of Europe. The empire eventually dissolved after WW1 Austrian Habsburg Dynasty
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