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Untitled Prezi

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Durdana Hissam

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Germany`s Instruments .Germany's instrument is the violin. Germany`s Food Germany`s Clothes *here is a example of the clothes they wear .Germany`s food has a little bit of every thing. (sweet,sour,and spice) .The best food in Germany is German
pizza. * here is a example of German pizza . The style of their clothes are something a farmer would wear . They use different types of fabric . GERMANY!!! .Most German people add cheese in every
dish they make. . For weddings they wear fancy dresses .This is a German
American girl doll DID you KNOW?!? .German chocolate cake
was made in German in
1852 .Here is a sample of
German tunes Things You Will and Will Not Like About Germany like . Germany's music has a low pitch to high pitch
sound. don`t like . Germany is always clean no one
litters there if they see trash
even iif its not there`s they still
pick it up. . IF your from America and don`t know
german you could ask the waiters
if they have English menus they say yes
but still bring german menus you have
to say i want a English menu. .Germany has over 150 castles to explore. .German people talk in a accent when you
talk to them. Germany`s Tradition Liberty and Language .The tradition of hanging the star on the Christmas tree came from Germany. .People from Germany speak German. you need to have a
passport to go there Germany`s weather and famous places .The temperature is normally warm in Germany There are over 300 varieties
of bread in Germany. Famous Places . (Berlin) Berlin is the capital of Germany. .Berlin wall .Hamburg .Hamburg is known for its luxury stores,port city and famous art designers live there. .Dresden is known for its beautiful baroque,magnificent places and old buildings. .Dresden .Munich .Munich is known for its famous foot
ball team. .Neuschwanstein
palace .Neuschwanstein palce is a very
famous palace in Germany. What Is Germany?!? .Germany is a country in the contenent of Europe. hope you enjoyed and learned facts on Germany!!!! -
table 3
(Germany) .Today we will learn all about Germany. by: Faiza Hissam
Janine Shuman
Yara Hamzeh
Dina Jay Learning Target: . I can find facts on Germany. MLA FORMAT:
.WWW.Google.com/Germany facts .www.Google.com/famous places in Germany
.WWW.YouTube.com/German tunes
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