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"The Odyssey" vs. "O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

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bella brann

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of "The Odyssey" vs. "O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Ordinary World
The Odyssey - Odysseus's home in Ithica with Penelope and Telemachus

O Brother Where Art Thou - The prison
Meeting The Mentor/Supernatural Aid
The Odyssey - Odysseus's mentor is Athena, the goddess of wisdom, crafts, and war. Throughout the story, Athena gives Odysseus guidance.

O Brother Where Art Thou -
- Everett's mentor is Delmar. Throughout the film, Delmar constantly reminds Everette to do the right thing.
- In the beginning of the movie, Everett and his friends stumble upon an unnamed blind man, riding a handcart, who tells them their future. He resembles a prophet.
The Odyssey - Odysseus's men

O Brother Where Art Thou -
- Pete
- Delmar
- Tommy
- Pappy O'Danniel
- Blind man at the radio station
The Crossing of the First Threshold
The Odyssey - Odysseus enters the war

O Brother Where Art Thou - Everett, Pete, and Delmar cross the first threshold when they break the chains that link them together.
The Odyssey -
- Odysseus was tempted by Calypso when she kept him for 7 years
- Odysseus's men gave into the temptation of eating Helios's cattle
- A few of Odysseus's men gave into the temptation of eating the Lotus's
- Odysseus and his men resisted temptation when approaching the sirens
- Odysseus's curiousness of seeing the Cyclopes led to 6 of his men getting killed

O Brother Where Art Thou -
- Pete and Dear give into the temptation joining into the baptizing to wash away their sins
- Everett, Pete, and Delmar give into the temptation of stealing a pie.
- Everett, Pete, and Delmar gave into the temptation of approaching the sirens
Although both Everett and Odysseus try their best to protect their men, but Odysseus is unsuccessful. Eventually, all his men die. On the other hand, Everett is successful in protecting his friends.
When Odysseus's men encounter the sirens. They create a plan to avoid giving into temptation. When Everett and his friends encounter the sirens, they give into temptation
Penelope had multiple suitors, but stayed loyal to her husband. Penny planned to marry her suitor, and was so ashamed of Everette that she told her children that he got hit by a train
Everett and Odysseus both fight their wives' suitors, but Everett looses his fight with Penny's suitor and gets kicked out of the store. Odysseus wins his battles with Penelope's suitors.
Other Similarities
Everett and Odysseus both use multiple disguises
Everett and his friends disguised themselves as KKK color guards and singers at the campaign party
Odysseus disguised himself as a beggar when he returned to Ithaca
Everett and Odysseus are both care about their men
Everett protects Tommy and Pete
Odysseus tries his best to protect his men
Both Everett's and Odysseus's children thought that they were dead.
"The Odyssey"
"O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Bella Brann
Call To Adventure
The Odyssey - Agamemnon calls Odysseus to war

O Brother Where Art Thou - Everett's call to adventure was when he received the letter from Penny, informing him that she is to be remarried in a few days.
The Road of Trials
The Odyssey -
- The Land of the Lotus eaters - Some of Odysseus's men ate the Lotuses, and Odysseus dragged them back to the ship by force.
- The Land of the Cyclopes - Odysseus and his men attack and blind Polyphemus
- Circe turns half of Odysseus's men into pigs
- The Land of the Sirens - Odysseus cleverly avoid the sirens, by creating a plan and making balls out of wax to put in his men's ears.
- Scylla and Charybdis - Scylla kills 6 of Odysseus's men, and Odysseus escapes the great sea monster Charybdis
- The Sun God's cattle - Once Odysseus's men begin to get hungry, they are tempted to eat the Sun God, Helios's, cattle.
The road of Trials cont.
O brother Where Art Thou? -
- Pete’s cousin, Wash Hogwallop, feeds them and turns them in for a reward. The police set the barn on fire, but Hogwallop’s son helps them escape.
- Delmar and Pete follow the people going to the river to get baptized - Lotus eaters - Delmar and Pete give into temptation.
- Everett and his friends meet three women who try to seduce them - Sirens
- Everett and his friends meet Big Dan. He invites them to a picnic lunch, mugs them, kills the toad - Cyclopes
- Everett, Pete, and Delmar stumble upon a KKK rally. They disguise themselves as the KKK color guard, and rescue Tommy. Big Dan reveals their identities, and in the chaos a burning cross kills Big Dan.
First Ending
The Odyssey - Odysseus wins Penelope's "contest" and then proceeds to kill all of her suitors.

O Brother Where Art Thou - Everett, Delmar, and Pete sing at Stokes’ campaign party. The audience recognizes them as the Soggy Bottom Boys and goes wild. Stokes recognizes them from the KKK rally and tells the audience they are not what they seem, but the audience ignores him and runs him out of town on a rail. Pappy O’Daniel grants Everett and his friends full pardon. Penny accepts Everett back, but demands that he find her wedding ring.
Similarities between characters
The unnamed blind man on the push cart - Tiresias
Big Dan - Polyphemus - Ate sloppily, abused Delmar, Everett, and Pete, and stole all their money
Sheriff - Poseidon - He is constantly chasing after Pete, Everett, and Delmar throughout the story
Blind man from the radio station - Homer - He spreads The Soggy Bottom Boys' fame
Baby Face - Hermes - He is the God of theives
Everett's wife, Penny - Odysseus's wife, Penelope
Pappy O'Daniel - Zeus - He helps him defeat Penny's suitor
Homer Stokes - Poseidon - He consistently tries to defeat Everett, Pete, and Delmar
Allusions to "The Odyssey"
Delmar took a pig, when escaping the burning barn
Pete's cousin's name is Hogwallop
Baby Face shoots multiple cows
The sheriff's car got stopped by a cow - sacrifice
Pete, Delmar, and Everett gave into the temptation of stealing and eating the pie - Odysseus's men gave into the temptation of eating the Helios's cows.
Delmar believed that Pete was turned into a toad
Homer Stokes
A stake almost stabbed Big Dan in the eye
A cow is shown stuck on the roof after the flood
Baby Face is called a "cow killer"
The tidal wave that saves Everett and his friends - Charybdis
Pappy O'Daniel's first name is Menelaus
Second Ending
The Odyssey - Odysseus gets reunited with his father, Laertes. The angered relatives of Penny's suitors begin to create conflict. Athena restores peace between Odysseus and the relatives of the dead suitors.

O Brother Where Art Thou - Everett, Pete, and Delmar go to retrieve the ring, but is met by the sheriff and his men, who arrest them and prepare to hang them. A huge tidal wave sweeps over them and rescues them.
Ray, Rebecca. "The Hero's Journey/Monomyth: A Look at the Steps with Storyboard That!" Storyboard That. Clever Prototypes, 2015. Web. 15 May 2015.

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O Brother, Where Art Thou. Dir. Joel Coen. Prod. Ethan Coen. By Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. Perf. George Clooney, John Turturro, and Tim Blake Nelson. Buena Vista Pictures, 2000. DVD.

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The Odyssey - After Odysseus defeats all of Penelope's suitors, all is returned to normal and Odysseus is reunited with Penelope and Telemachus.

O Brother Where Art Thou - After Everett wins Penny back, he is once again reunited with his wife and daughters.
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