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Global Warming By Rosetta Tanner

A science project for Mr. Richardson 7A

Rosetta Tanner

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Global Warming By Rosetta Tanner

Global Warming
Science Project
By Rosetta Tanner

What is Global Warming.How does it involve heat?
Global Warming is the rise in temperature in the atmosphere and oceans. Its been rising ever since the late 19th century.Scientists are 90% certain that it is mostly caused by increasing concentrations of green- house gases. The green house gases are being produced by human activity, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation. Scientists conducted tests in 2007 that indicated that in the 21st century the global surface temperature will increase a further few degrees. Atmospheric gases that exist to keep our planet warm and prevent warmer air from leaving our planet are increased by industrial processes. If humans continue burning fossil fuels and deforestation these gases are released into the air.
How does it work? What are the mechanics involved?
How can Kinetic Molecular Theory be related to your topic?
Kinetic Molecular Theory is related to my topic of Global Warming. Kinetic Molecular Theory is that if you heated a molecule it will expand and start moving rapidly. So if Greenhouse gases are heated they will start expanding and moving all around the Earth. Thus heating the Earth, heating the atmosphere, and making the atmosphere crowded.
What impact does it have on human populations?
The impact that Global Warming will have on humans will be huge. Global warming will increase the spread of diseases. As countries in the north warm, disease-carrying insects migrate there, carrying viruses with them that we have not yet built immunity for. For example, in Kenya the temperature has increased and disease-bearing mosquitoes have overpopulated. Causing the disease to spread. Malaria is now becoming a nation-wide epidemic. Also floods and droughts will increase in certain regions. The warmer areas with lots of storms, will have them getting more life threatening.The areas with very little rain fall, will have them getting fewer and fewer. There will also be a risk to the population because with the water levels rising then habitats near the water will be put underwater. Lastly, because it costs money to fix the damage, the government will be bankrupted in no time. Thus causing economic problems.
What impact does it have on the natural environment?
Global Warming involves both the human and natural environment. The most obvious effects are glaciers melting, Arctic shrinkage, and worldwide sea level rise. The less noticeable effects are ocean acidification and population risks. As the weather changes so do the natural habitats in each region. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, there are 5,773,000 cubic miles of water, ice caps, glaciers, and snow on our planet. As these melt, the sea level rises. If more water is added than the natural currents could be disrupted and things like Europe experiencing a mini-ice age could happen. Also the snow reflects back sunlight and helps keep the Earth cooler, but it doesn't get cooler because there is no snow. Also trees are dieing in Alaska because of a type of a type of beetle that only comes in the warmer months is there a lot longer and are eating the trees. Another thing is polar bears. They live on the ice but the ice is slowly melting and there is no land for the polar bears to live on.
Can humans alter its impact with technology? How?
Technology can help alter Global Warming impact by just a little bit. I found an article online called "Technology already exists to stabilize global warming-Analysis shows how to control carbon emissions for 50 years". It talks about how scientists discovered 15 technologies from wind, solar and nuclear energy to conservation techniques. These technologies could help control the carbon emissions for the next 5 decades. The scientists are studying the main cause of Global Warming, Carbon Dioxide. They were thinking that if you could control the amount of Carbon Dioxide, you could help Global Warming. But we would have to prevent 7 billion tons worth of emissions per year till 2054.
This chart shows the global land and ocean temperature of the past years.
As you can see the temperature is slowly rising, this is proof of Global Warming.The black line is the annual mean and the red line is the 5-year running mean. The green bars show the estimates.
Thank you for watching
How does Global Warming work? Global Warming works like this, companies all over the world are releasing to much Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. So much that the Earth is starting to get warm. The warmer it gets than the badder it is for the Earth. Think of it like this, the Earth is suffocating from the carbon emissions that us humans are putting in the atmosphere. And eventually, because our mother Earth is dieing than we will start dieing to. The Greenhouse gases are mainly Carbon Dioxide and Methane which prevents heat from escaping our planet. Normally when heat goes through the atmosphere, it goes through as short-wave radiation. A type of radiation that passes smoothly through the atmosphere. But as the heat heats the Earths surface it escapes the Earth as long-wave radiation. Long-wave radiation is much more difficult to pass through the atmosphere. As the long-wave radiation increases it starts creating a warming effect.
Are there predictions for the future related to your topic?
Yes there are predictions that the scientists are making that involve the way they think that the Earth can be saved. But there are also predicted results if Global Warming continues. They believe that all ice and snow will melt, lots of heat waves and plenty of rain fall, sea storms will be extra harsh, increasing carbon emissions will cause the continuation of ocean acidification, and some places will get an early ice age. Because of the increase in heat it is believed that many people will die for of many different reasons, but mostly because people with heart conditions will have a problem with staying cool in the heat. Others will have heat exhaustion, and some will have breathing problems. But the good predictions for the world after someone created a way to get rid of Global Warming is that the Greenhouse gases will be controlled and the Earth will be clean.
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