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Case Study PDPP Oct 2012

What is a student? What is a teacher?

Neta Herage

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Case Study PDPP Oct 2012

"Oh Captain, My Captain" Being a student and a teacher doesn't necessarily have to with safety hazards... Is it even really all that much better to have their full and undivided attention? Case Study: What is a student?
What is a teacher? They're texting, and sleeping... ...and we're going crazy trying to keep them focused. STUDENT A STUDENT B Almost always arrives to class late.
Comes to class prepared with paper, pencil, etc.
Rarely if ever has phone out.
Can be hesitant to volunteer; usually participates in class discussion.
Appears to be paying attention to instructor/peers
Reads often outside of class time/requirements. 2 Students from Reynolds Almost always arrives to class on time.
Brings minimal writing materials if any.
Always has phone out.
Rarely volunteers to participate or engage in class discussions; can be called upon.
Does not usually appear to pay attention to instructor/peers.
Seems to prefer/resonate with more films than books. Always sit together and work with the same group of students.
Both rarely if ever take notes during class time.
Both get “distracted” by phone.
Both become engaged in smaller group discussions and are productive.
Usually, while appearing distracted, both are paying attention to instructor or peers.
Both are engaged in the literacy of the arts. Not like this guy... So how do you teach them? It doesn't even really have to be "out of this world"... Let's look at their teachers... The drama teacher did not teach them. The math teacher only taught one of them, and I only saw one class. That leaves us with... who is he??? ...the English teacher Sure, he stands at the front of the class... ...but he really doesn't talk the whole time. STRATEGIES: no homework assigned
time allotted in class for reading
lots and lots and lots of group work/discussions
innovative ways to create class discussion such as: Students engaged in an online discussion about the text during class time. Attending the classroom was not necessary if students preferred to participate from another location. The ongoing class plan ...had to do with their philosophy of teaching: One thing all 3 teachers had in common, though...
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